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CargoMaster boasts over 30 years of transportation experience, Shipping everything from sea freight containers to heavy machinery and industrial equipment around Australia and all around the world.  CargoMaster, moves sea freight with security, integrity and professionalism.

Welcome to CargoMaster’s sea freight shipping site. CargoMaster offers you an extensive global network of International freight forwarders. CargoMaster boasts over 30 years transportation experience and KNOW-HOW moving all types and sizes of international sea freight and air freight shipping to and from Australia. CargoMaster works with a broad range of clients, from multi national companies shipping heavy machinery and industrial equipment out of gauge (oversize dimensions) to families using CargoMaster’s Self pack international shipping containers for international relocations.

Sea Freight Shipping - Image 1When you call on CargoMaster to help with your international sea freight, you’re backed by one of Australia’s most trusted Sea Freight Companies  a specialist freight forwarder with an established and extensive international freight network capable of moving almost anything to almost anywhere in the world! CargoMaster sea freight services include assisting with and certifying international documentation, providing advice in relation to overseas customs requirements and regulations, assisting with hazardous cargo shipping and documentation, and many years experience working with Airway Bills, Seaway Bills, Bills Of Lading and most types of title to ownership documentation. As a smaller international freight forwarder with extensive letters of credit, services, and independent freight, CargoMaster SELF PACK SHIPPING and shipping large items overseas from Australia to all countries. Are you looking for sea freight services? Are you thinking of relocating moving overseas shipping containers overseas with a self pack international moving containers? Alternatively, if you are a business, you may be looking to move overseas, or do you need to move bulky or heavyweight cargo with shipping containers or flat racks? Why not contact the international freight team that truly delivers? The CargoMaster team are sea freight specialists with over 20 years experience moving sea cargo from Australia to all corners of the world! When it comes to international sea freight services or self-pack international shipping, CargoMaster has you covered. With CargoMaster sea freight services, you can move almost anything to almost anywhere!

Why Choose Sea Freight Shipping Consolidation Services

CargoMaster Australia sea freight consolidation services are available from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Canberra, Newcastle, Southern NSW (Sydney Gateway), The Gold Coast (Brisbane Gateway), Darwin (Brisbane Gateway), Townsville ,Mackay and the Sunshine coast ( Brisbane Gateway), Hobart and Launceston (Melbourne Gateway), Port Hedland, Karratha, and the North West (Perth Gateway). Basically, it does not matter where in Australia you are located. CargoMaster can organize your LCL (less than a container load) sea freight shipment.

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One of the transportation industry’s Golden Rules is “the less hands that touch the CARGO the better so true! meaning of course, that the more often cargo is handled, the greater the chance of the goods being “misdirected,” or even worse, damaged, or worse still, lost in transit. Fortunately (touch wood), CargoMaster has not had a report of damaged or lost cargo in over 20 years. Why? Maybe we are lucky, or it could be that CargoMaster is very careful to advise clients what is suitable for LCL transportation and what is not!  It’s all about the way the goods are packaged and handled, making sure boxes are not too heavy so they can be handled easily and not “dropped” (because of too much weight). The way the goods are labeled, if cargo is fragile, then fragile stickers or “this way up” stickers are used. CargoMaster will ensure packers are aware of any special requirements for a particular consignment. Another important thing about the benefit of CargoMaster, will not mix your valuable goods (for example, your antique chest of drawers being loaded into a shipping container with heavy steel mining equipment or tractor parts, for example). Some less experienced freight forwarders will just stuff your precious cargo into any old container going to the destination you require without any thought whatsoever as to what could happen (in the way of damage). CargoMaster knows what’s loaded into containers, and if your cargo is not suitable to travel as LCL cargo because of the possibility of damage or for any other reason, CargoMaster will be upfront with you and advise you as such. In fact, CargoMaster is happy to suggest an alternative “reliable and established” international carrier. Knowing what to pack, how to pack, where to pack, how to label, how to package goods for international transportation, how to mark goods and How to Load Containers Comes with Experience, and CargoMaster Offers 35 Years of Transportation Experience! For example, you will see “cowboys” advertising on the internet claiming they are removalists when in reality they are not (not even licensed as such), but they are out there looking for their next “quick meal”. They will advertise that they will load containers at your door and other nonsense, offering dirt cheap rates.

Don’t risk it, choose an experienced and established Freight Forwarder
CargoMaster shipping containers with security, integrity and professionalism for over 20 yearsCargoMaster - ContactFAQ’S Callers Ask About Sea Freight

How does sea freight work?

What is sea freight?

Sea freight, or international sea freight, is a mode of international transportation. Sea freight is the oldest mode of international transportation. Sea freight gives you the ability to ship large quantities and small quantities cost-effectively. Most sea freight is transported in 20ft and 40ft containers onboard container ships. Once cargo is packed into containers, the containers are then loaded onto vessels and transported to their ultimate destination.

The average number of containers loaded onto a vessel is 15,000, some vessels can carry up to 24,000 containers.

There are many different ways to transport goods by sea freight:

  • FULL CONTAINER LOADS (or FCL) are probably the most popular and cost-effective way to move international freight. You will be provided with a shipping container, which is returned when the container is unloaded at the destination. FCL is the cheapest way in terms of cost per cubic meter to move general cargo.
  • LESS THAN A CONTAINER LOAD (or LCL) Another popular way to move international sea freight. LCL cargo is consolidated into 20 and 40 containers with other shipments going to the same destination. LCL charges are calculated based on the size and weight of your cargo (whichever is greater). LCL transit times will be longer than FCL as containers need extra time for packing at the consolidators yard.
  • BREAK BULK SHIPPING: Break bulk shipping services are designed for large, heavy, or awkward cargo, cargo that will not fit into a container. Often heavy industrial machinery and mining machinery are carried by break bulk services.
  • VESSEL CHARTER AND BULK SHIPMENTS Australia exports all types of bulk cargo including coal, iron ore, sugar, grain to name a few.

What are the benefits of international shipping?

  • Cost-effective: In comparison to international courier by air freight, sea freight is cheaper when shipments weigh more than 100 kg or consist of multiple cartons.
  • Carbon-efficient solution: Shipping by sea is environmentally friendly because it has a low carbon footprint as compared to other modes of transport.
  • Suitable for bulk goods: out of gauge or heavy and large, awkward goods can be easily transported by sea freight shipping because cargo ships have a large capacity.
  • LESS RESTRICTIONS: International shipping does not have limitations on the type of goods that can be carried unlike air freight, which is very strict and controlled. Much less emphasis in HAZ CARGO compared to air freight.

How long does sea freight take?

Sea freight transit times vary according to the origin and destination of the sea freight. Another factor to consider when shipping sea freight is the route the vessel is taking, some routes are quicker to certain destinations than others. Sea freight transit times will be quicker if your goods are shipped in a vessel with a direct service. If your shipment is to be transshipped, the transit time will be longer compared to a direct sea freight service.

Why are freight rates from China so high?

Strange question, we believe sea freight rates from China are very competitive. Please note CargoMaster does not handle sea freight from China.

Why is freight costs increasing?

Freight costs (like most things in our world TODAY) rise over time. An increase in the cost of freight may be due to a number of factors including, an increase in fuel prices, or larger than normal sea freight volumes, or the value of the US$ against other global currencies.

What is sea freight?

Sea freight is a description given to goods that are transported around the world (or a country) in ocean-going cargo vessels. Sea freight is the oldest form of global transportation. Sea freight is normally utilized when commodities are not that urgent that air freight is needed. Generally sea freight cargo is larger than air freight.

Why use Sea Freight?

If you want to trade on the global stage and need to move large cargo sea that isn’t urgent enough to require a more expensive air freight service then sea freight is your best option. Sea freight is normally heavier or larger than air freight.

How does sea freight work?

There are many different types of sea freight services. Shipping containers are the most popular and come in various sizes, 20 and 40 ft shipping containers are most common. Empty shipping containers are normally delivered to the shipper for packing, or the shipper can pack in CargoMasters packing yard. Once the sea freight container is packed it is collected and loaded onto a vessel for transportation overseas?

Is sea freight cheaper than air freight?

Sea freight is actually cheaper than air freight. Keeping in mind that sea freight will take longer than air freight and may require more handling than air freight too. Air freight is great for time-sensitive goods or fragile or valuable cargo. Call CargoMaster for sea freight quotes.

How much does sea freight cost?

The cost of sea freight will depend upon several factors, like the origin and destination of the freight and the size, weight, and dimensions of the goods. Another factor will be the type of freight you intend to ship and the method used to ship the cargo.

Why is sea freight so expensive?

There are many reasons for sea freight rates to increase; it could be that volumes are extremely high or that the price of fuel has risen or maybe the value of the US dollar has fallen. All of these factors will influence the cost of sea freight.

How long does it take to ship a container to the UK?

Transit time from Australia to the UK is approx 30 days depending on the shipping company you use. CargoMaster offers weekly services from all Australian capital cities to most major UK ports, including Tilbury, Southampton, and Felixstow.

What is the approx. transit time when shipping from Australia to the USA?

With a CargoMaster-selected vessel, your transit time could be as quick as 30 days depending on the destination port in the USA.

Why should I use CargoMaster for my sea freight from Australia?

When you work with CargoMaster, you get CargoMaster KNOW-HOW, which comes with over 30 years of transportation experience. Genuine transportation professionals have the know-how needed to move your belongings safely, quickly, and smoothly. Don’t get caught out by so-called “experts” offering low-cost sea freight services making false claims. Remember, it’s easy to set up a website on the internet and try to be like CargoMaster.

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Sea Freight Shipping - Image 5LOOK closely when choosing your international freight forwarder, be careful, don’t be fooled, (an unlicensed company may even negate your insurance cover). If you need a furniture removalist then you should contact or engage a professional removalist (that is licensed) and established then at least you will have some “come back” if you do have problems. Call CargoMaster if you need advice about what company to choose and who you should stay away from.!. Remember you are looking for an established professional, not a pretty, fancy website with lots of pictures and endless positive fake reviews! Do your homework or it could cost you dearly! Engage a freight forwarder like CargoMaster with the KNOW-HOW to get your goods to their ultimate destination smoothly and cost effectively. CargoMaster often rejects cargo because it is not suitable to ride in certain containers, CargoMaster would rather not handle your cargo if there is any likely chance of damage. CargoMaster is focused on getting your goods to their destination without any problems, only want Happy, satisfied customers! CargoMaster’s sea freight consolidation service is the most cost-effective way to transport goods around the world relatively quickly and safely. Consolidation of sea freight takes a little extra time so you can expect longer transit times compared to Full Container Loads (FCL).

Sea Freight Shipping - Image 6Unless consigned to certain ports in Asia your sea freight consolidated shipment will likely be transhipped in Singapore or one of the other world-wide “HUBS”. To explain how this works, for example, your shipment from Australia is marked for delivery in the USA, it will go from Australia to Singapore, where it will be “reloaded “(destuffed and restuffed) into another container (with other cargo, destined for the same port in the USA). Because of time take to load, reload, tranship LCL cargo can take 4-5 weeks longer that FCL shipments. Some destinations from Australia are not transhipped it which case transit time will be quicker but still not as fast as FCL container shipments. CargoMaster offers weekly consolidation services to most major cities around the world.

CargoMaster KNOW HOW comes with 35 years experience

Call CargoMaster: 1300 767 136

Sea Freight Shipping - Image 7Heavy Sea freight services for shipping heavy equipment and shipping industrial machinery. Many options, 20ft and 40ft sea freight containers and flat racks. If you are looking for an international moving company, see the team at CargoMaster and ask for information about self-pack international shipping containers. Smaller shipments? No problems, weekly, less than container load consolidation services are available. Really easy to use and a great way to move pallet size loads around the globe, packing containers daily in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide to almost anywhere in the world. CargoMasters offers weekly consolidated sea freight services for sea freight to the USA and sea freight to the UK, CargoMaster delivers all over the world! CargoMaster’s extensive range of nationwide and international air freight and sea freight services includes air freight Australia for domestic air cargo services, overnight air freight and urgent same day air freight across Australia and international air freight to all corners of the globe!


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CargoMaster Shipping Destinations: Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, The Federated States of Micronesia, New Zealand, Canada, Africa

Type of Container Inside Dimensions (m) Door Opening (m) Tare Weight (kgs) Volume (cbm) Loading Capacity (kgs)
20′ Standard Container 5.92×2.34×2.38 2.29×2.28 1.9 33 22.1
20′ Open Top Container 5.92×2.34×2.38 2.29×2.28 2.177 31.6 21.823
20′ Reefer Container 5.38×2.24×2.29 2.24×2.12 3.209 24.1 17.111
20′ Flatrack 5.94×2.40×2.27 2.56 21.44
40′ Standard Container 12.06×2.35×2.38 2.29×2.28 3.107 67.3 27.373
40′ Open Top Container 12.064×2.34×2.37 2.29×2.25 4.445 64 26.067
40′ Reefer Container 11.21×2.25×2.18 2.22×2.12 4.84 49.3 25.64
40′ Flatrack 12.07×2.42×2.10 5.55 25.22
40′ High-Cube 12.06×2.34×2.68 2.29×2.25 3.265 75.8 27.215
Port, Country Volume 2012 (Million TEUs) Volume 2011 (Million TEUS)
Shanghai, China 32.53 31.74
Singapore,Singapore 31.65 29.94
Hong Kong, China 23.1 24.38
Shenzhen, China 22.94 22.57
Busan, South Korea 17.04 16.18
Ningbo-Zhoushan, China 16.83 14.72
Guangzhou Harbor, China 14.74 14.42
Qingdao, China 14.5 13.02
Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 13.3 13
Tianjin, China 12.3 11.59
Rotterdam, Netherlands 11.87 11.88
Port Kelang, Malaysia 10 9.6
Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China 9.78 9.64
Hamburg, Germany 8.86 9.01
Antwerp, Belguim 8.64 8.66
Los Angeles, U.S.A. 8.08 7.94
Dalian, China 8.06 6.4
Keihin ports*, Japan 7.85 7.64
Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia 7.7 7.5
Xiamen, China 7.2 6.47
Bremen/Bremerhaven, Germany 6.12 5.92
Tanjung Priok, Jakarta, Indonesia 6.1 5.62
Long Beach, U.S.A. 6.05 6.06
Laem Chabang, Thailand 5.93 5.73
New York-New Jersey, U.S.A. 5.53 5.5
Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam 5.19 4.53
Lianyungung, China 5.02 4.85
Hanshin* ports, Japan 5 4.8
Yingkou, China 4.85 4.03
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 4.74 4.01
Valencia, Spain 4.47 4.33
Columbo, Sri Lanka 4.26 4.26
Jawaharlal Nehru, India 4.26 4.32
Algerciras Bay, Spain 4.07 3.6
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates 4 3.23
Felixstowe, U.K. 3.95 3.74
Port Said, Egypt 3.91 3.91
Manila, Philippines 3.71 3.46
Salalah, Oman 3.63 3.2
Colon, Panama 3.52 3.37
Balboa, Panama 3.3 3.23
Santos, Brazil 3.17 2.99
Ambarli, Turkey 3.1 2.69
Georgia Ports, U.S.A. 2.97 2.94
Nagoya, Japan 2.87 2.62
Tanjung Perak, Surabaya, Indonesia 2.85 2.64
Gioia Tauro, Italy 2.72 2.3
Metro Vancouver, Canada 2.71 2.51
Melbourne, Australia 2.6 2.51
Durban, South Africa 2.59 2.71

  • Kenya
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco
  • Mozambique
  • Namibia
  • South Africa
  • Zimbabwe
Asia / Pacific

  • Australia
  • Bangladesh
  • China
  • Fiji
  • Guam
  • HongKong
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • New Zealand
  • Pakistan
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Sri Lanka
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
Caribbean & Central America

  • Bahamas
  • Bermuda
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Jamaica
  • Honduras
  • Netherlands Antilles
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Malta
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine
  • United Kingdom
Middle East

  • Bahrain
  • Egypt
  • Israel
  • Jordan
  • Lebanon
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Syria
  • UAE
North America

  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States

South America

  • Aruba
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Guyana
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela

INCOTERMS are standard trade terms most commonly used in international freight contracts for sale of goods. It is essential that you are aware of your terms of trade prior to shipment.

EXW – EX WORKS (… named place of delivery)
The Seller’s only responsibility is to make the goods available at the Seller’s premises. The Buyer bears full costs and risks of moving the goods from there to destination.

FCA – FREE CARRIER (… named place of delivery)
The Seller delivers the goods, cleared for export, to the carrier selected by the Buyer. The Seller loads the goods if the carrier pickup is at the Seller’s premises. From that point, the Buyer bears the costs and risks of moving the goods to destination.

CPT – CARRIAGE PAID TO (… named place of destination)
The Seller pays for moving the goods to destination. From the time the goods are transferred to the first carrier, the Buyer bears the risks of loss or damage.

CIP– CARRIAGE AND INSURANCE PAID TO (… named place of destination)
The Seller pays for moving the goods to destination. From the time the goods are transferred to the first carrier, the Buyer bears the risks of loss or damage. The Seller, however, purchases the cargo insurance.

DAT – DELIVERED AT TERMINAL (… named terminal at port or place of destination)
The Seller delivers when the goods, once unloaded from the arriving means of transport, are placed at the Buyer’s disposal at a named terminal at the named port or place of destination. “Terminal” includes any place, whether covered or not, such as a quay, warehouse, container yard or road, rail or air cargo terminal. The Seller bears all risks involved in bringing the goods to and unloading them at the terminal at the named port or place of destination.

DAP – DELIVERED AT PLACE (… named place of destination)
The Seller delivers when the goods are placed at the Buyer’s disposal on the arriving means of transport ready for unloading at the names place of destination. The Seller bears all risks involved in bringing the goods to the named place.

DDP – DELIVERED DUTY PAID (… named place)
The Seller delivers the goods -cleared for import – to the Buyer at destination. The Seller bears all costs and risks of moving the goods to destination, including the payment of Customs duties and taxes.


FAS – FREE ALONGSIDE SHIP (… named port of shipment)
The Seller delivers the goods to the origin port. From that point, the Buyer bears all costs and risks of loss or damage.

FOB– FREE ON BOARD (… named port of shipment)
The Seller delivers the goods on board the ship and clears the goods for export. From that point, the Buyer bears all costs and risks of loss or damage.

CFR– COST AND FREIGHT (… named port of destination)
The Seller clears the goods for export and pays the costs of moving the goods to destination. The Buyer bears all risks of loss or damage.

CIF – COST INSURANCE AND FREIGHT (… named port of destination)
The Seller clears the goods for export and pays the costs of moving the goods to the port of destination. The Buyer bears all risks of loss or damage. The Seller, however, purchases the cargo insurance.

Adelaide Albania Tirana 46
Brisbane Albania Tirana 47
Fremantle Albania Tirana 42
Melbourne Albania Tirana 51
Sydney Albania Tirana 54
Adelaide American Samoa Pago Pago 22
Brisbane American Samoa Pago Pago 21
Fremantle American Samoa Pago Pago 27
Melbourne American Samoa Pago Pago 25
Sydney American Samoa Pago Pago 21
Adelaide Anguilla Anguilla 91
Brisbane Anguilla Anguilla 92
Fremantle Anguilla Anguilla 89
Melbourne Anguilla Anguilla 92
Sydney Anguilla Anguilla 89
Adelaide Antigua St. Johns 97
Brisbane Antigua St. Johns 87
Fremantle Antigua St. Johns 89
Melbourne Antigua St. Johns 94
Sydney Antigua St. Johns 91
Adelaide Argentina Buenos Aires 49
Brisbane Argentina Buenos Aires 51
Fremantle Argentina Buenos Aires 45
Melbourne Argentina Buenos Aires 48
Sydney Argentina Buenos Aires 50
Adelaide Aruba Oranjestad 81
Brisbane Aruba Oranjestad 87
Fremantle Aruba Oranjestad 80
Melbourne Aruba Oranjestad 94
Sydney Aruba Oranjestad 91
Adelaide Austria Graz 46
Brisbane Austria Graz 47
Fremantle Austria Graz 46
Melbourne Austria Graz 51
Sydney Austria Graz 54
Brisbane Austria Innsbruck 55
Melbourne Austria Innsbruck 55
Sydney Austria Innsbruck 52
Fremantle Austria Innsbruck 52
Brisbane Austria Klagenfurt 55
Melbourne Austria Klagenfurt 55
Sydney Austria Klagenfurt 52
Fremantle Austria Klagenfurt 52
Fremantle Austria Linz 46
Adelaide Austria Linz 46
Brisbane Austria Linz 47
Melbourne Austria Linz 51
Sydney Austria Linz 54
Fremantle Austria Salzburg 46
Adelaide Austria Salzburg 46
Brisbane Austria Salzburg 47
Melbourne Austria Salzburg 51
Sydney Austria Salzburg 54
Fremantle Austria Vienna 42
Adelaide Austria Vienna 49
Brisbane Austria Vienna 49
Melbourne Austria Vienna 51
Sydney Austria Vienna 51
Adelaide Bahamas Freeport 75
Brisbane Bahamas Freeport 83
Fremantle Bahamas Freeport 80
Melbourne Bahamas Freeport 83
Sydney Bahamas Freeport 80
Adelaide Bahamas Nassau 56
Brisbane Bahamas Nassau 83
Fremantle Bahamas Nassau 80
Melbourne Bahamas Nassau 83
Sydney Bahamas Nassau 80
Adelaide Bahrain Bahrain 34
Brisbane Bahrain Bahrain 35
Fremantle Bahrain Bahrain 30
Melbourne Bahrain Bahrain 39
Sydney Bahrain Bahrain 42
Adelaide Bangladesh Chittagong 27
Brisbane Bangladesh Chittagong 28
Fremantle Bangladesh Chittagong 23
Melbourne Bangladesh Chittagong 32
Sydney Bangladesh Chittagong 35
Adelaide Barbados Bridgetown 81
Brisbane Barbados Bridgetown 72
Fremantle Barbados Bridgetown 74
Melbourne Barbados Bridgetown 79
Sydney Barbados Bridgetown 76
Adelaide Belarus Minsk 50
Brisbane Belarus Minsk 51
Fremantle Belarus Minsk 46
Melbourne Belarus Minsk 55
Sydney Belarus Minsk 58
Adelaide Belgium Antwerp 39
Brisbane Belgium Antwerp 54
Brisbane Belgium Antwerp 40
Fremantle Belgium Antwerp 40
Melbourne Belgium Antwerp 54
Sydney Belgium Antwerp 51
Fremantle Belgium Antwerp 35
Fremantle Belgium Brussels 42
Adelaide Belgium Brussels 42
Brisbane Belgium Brussels 56
Brisbane Belgium Brussels 43
Fremantle Belgium Brussels 37
Melbourne Belgium Brussels 56
Sydney Belgium Brussels 53
Adelaide Benin Cotonou 66
Brisbane Benin Cotonou 67
Fremantle Benin Cotonou 64
Melbourne Benin Cotonou 67
Sydney Benin Cotonou 64
Adelaide Bermuda Hamilton, BM 75
Brisbane Bermuda Hamilton, BM 83
Fremantle Bermuda Hamilton, BM 80
Melbourne Bermuda Hamilton, BM 83
Sydney Bermuda Hamilton, BM 80
Adelaide Bolivia Cochabamba 91
Brisbane Bolivia Cochabamba 104
Fremantle Bolivia Cochabamba 101
Melbourne Bolivia Cochabamba 104
Sydney Bolivia Cochabamba 101
Adelaide Bolivia La Paz 56
Brisbane Bolivia La Paz 98
Fremantle Bolivia La Paz 95
Melbourne Bolivia La Paz 98
Sydney Bolivia La Paz 95
Adelaide Bolivia Santa Cruz 56
Brisbane Bolivia Santa Cruz 57
Fremantle Bolivia Santa Cruz 104
Melbourne Bolivia Santa Cruz 107
Sydney Bolivia Santa Cruz 104
Adelaide Bonaire Kralendijk 65
Brisbane Bonaire Kralendijk 66
Fremantle Bonaire Kralendijk 95
Melbourne Bonaire Kralendijk 68
Sydney Bonaire Kralendijk 65
Adelaide Bosnia Sarajevo 40
Brisbane Bosnia Sarajevo 41
Fremantle Bosnia Sarajevo 36
Melbourne Bosnia Sarajevo 45
Sydney Bosnia Sarajevo 48
Adelaide Botswana Gaborone 48
Brisbane Botswana Gaborone 49
Fremantle Botswana Gaborone 44
Melbourne Botswana Gaborone 97
Sydney Botswana Gaborone 51
Adelaide Brazil Paranagua 45
Brisbane Brazil Paranagua 51
Fremantle Brazil Paranagua 52
Melbourne Brazil Paranagua 55
Sydney Brazil Paranagua 57
Adelaide Brazil Porto Alegre 54
Brisbane Brazil Porto Alegre 58
Fremantle Brazil Porto Alegre 50
Melbourne Brazil Porto Alegre 65
Sydney Brazil Porto Alegre 62
Adelaide Brazil Rio De Janeiro 54
Brisbane Brazil Rio De Janeiro 57
Fremantle Brazil Rio De Janeiro 41
Melbourne Brazil Rio De Janeiro 64
Sydney Brazil Rio De Janeiro 61
Adelaide Brazil Santos 47
Brisbane Brazil Santos 41
Fremantle Brazil Santos 43
Melbourne Brazil Santos 45
Sydney Brazil Santos 47
Adelaide Brazil Vitoria 54
Brisbane Brazil Vitoria 57
Fremantle Brazil Vitoria 50
Melbourne Brazil Vitoria 64
Sydney Brazil Vitoria 61
Adelaide Brunei Muara 24
Brisbane Brunei Muara 25
Fremantle Brunei Muara 20
Melbourne Brunei Muara 29
Sydney Brunei Muara 32
Adelaide Bulgaria Sofia 48
Brisbane Bulgaria Sofia 49
Fremantle Bulgaria Sofia 44
Melbourne Bulgaria Sofia 53
Sydney Bulgaria Sofia 56
Adelaide Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 97
Brisbane Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 98
Fremantle Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 85
Melbourne Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 98
Sydney Burkina Faso Ouagadougou 95
Adelaide Cambodia Phnom Penh 25
Brisbane Cambodia Phnom Penh 26
Fremantle Cambodia Phnom Penh 21
Melbourne Cambodia Phnom Penh 30
Sydney Cambodia Phnom Penh 33
Adelaide Cambodia Sihanoukville 24
Brisbane Cambodia Sihanoukville 25
Fremantle Cambodia Sihanoukville 20
Melbourne Cambodia Sihanoukville 29
Sydney Cambodia Sihanoukville 32
Brisbane Cameroon Douala 83
Fremantle Cameroon Douala 72
Melbourne Cameroon Douala 83
Sydney Cameroon Douala 80
Adelaide Cameroon Doula 86
Adelaide Canada Calgary 34
Brisbane Canada Calgary 42
Fremantle Canada Calgary 39
Melbourne Canada Calgary 36
Sydney Canada Calgary 38
Adelaide Canada Edmonton 34
Brisbane Canada Edmonton 42
Fremantle Canada Edmonton 39
Melbourne Canada Edmonton 36
Sydney Canada Edmonton 38
Adelaide Canada Montreal 34
Brisbane Canada Montreal 42
Fremantle Canada Montreal 39
Melbourne Canada Montreal 36
Sydney Canada Montreal 38
Adelaide Canada Regina 36
Brisbane Canada Regina 44
Fremantle Canada Regina 39
Melbourne Canada Regina 38
Sydney Canada Regina 40
Adelaide Canada Saskatoon 36
Brisbane Canada Saskatoon 44
Fremantle Canada Saskatoon 39
Melbourne Canada Saskatoon 38
Sydney Canada Saskatoon 40
Adelaide Canada Toronto 34
Brisbane Canada Toronto 42
Fremantle Canada Toronto 37
Melbourne Canada Toronto 36
Sydney Canada Toronto 38
Adelaide Canada Vancouver 32
Brisbane Canada Vancouver 36
Fremantle Canada Vancouver 32
Melbourne Canada Vancouver 29
Sydney Canada Vancouver 31
Adelaide Canada Winnipeg 37
Brisbane Canada Winnipeg 45
Fremantle Canada Winnipeg 39
Melbourne Canada Winnipeg 39
Sydney Canada Winnipeg 41
Adelaide Canary Islands Las Palmas 49
Brisbane Canary Islands Las Palmas 50
Fremantle Canary Islands Las Palmas 45
Melbourne Canary Islands Las Palmas 54
Sydney Canary Islands Las Palmas 57
Adelaide Canary Islands Tenerife 46
Brisbane Canary Islands Tenerife 47
Fremantle Canary Islands Tenerife 42
Melbourne Canary Islands Tenerife 51
Sydney Canary Islands Tenerife 54
Adelaide Chile Antofagasta 77
Brisbane Chile Antofagasta 48
Fremantle Chile Antofagasta 73
Melbourne Chile Antofagasta 55
Sydney Chile Antofagasta 52
Adelaide Chile Arica 77
Brisbane Chile Arica 52
Fremantle Chile Arica 69
Melbourne Chile Arica 59
Sydney Chile Arica 56
Adelaide Chile Iquique 77
Brisbane Chile Iquique 46
Fremantle Chile Iquique 73
Melbourne Chile Iquique 53
Sydney Chile Iquique 50
Adelaide Chile San Antonio 67
Brisbane Chile San Antonio 57
Fremantle Chile San Antonio 56
Melbourne Chile San Antonio 64
Sydney Chile San Antonio 61
Adelaide Chile Santiago 77
Brisbane Chile Santiago 57
Fremantle Chile Santiago 57
Melbourne Chile Santiago 64
Sydney Chile Santiago 61
Adelaide Chile Valparaiso 69
Brisbane Chile Valparaiso 54
Fremantle Chile Valparaiso 55
Melbourne Chile Valparaiso 58
Sydney Chile Valparaiso 60
Adelaide China Dalian 32
Brisbane China Dalian 22
Fremantle China Dalian 28
Melbourne China Dalian 25
Sydney China Dalian 28
Adelaide China Fuzhou 23
Brisbane China Fuzhou 23
Fremantle China Fuzhou 19
Melbourne China Fuzhou 26
Sydney China Fuzhou 27
Adelaide China Huangpu 22
Brisbane China Huangpu 22
Fremantle China Huangpu 19
Melbourne China Huangpu 26
Sydney China Huangpu 27
Adelaide China Jiangmen 21
Brisbane China Jiangmen 22
Fremantle China Jiangmen 29
Melbourne China Jiangmen 26
Sydney China Jiangmen 27
Adelaide China Macau 22
Brisbane China Macau 23
Fremantle China Macau 18
Melbourne China Macau 27
Sydney China Macau 28
Adelaide China Ningbo 29
Brisbane China Ningbo 21
Fremantle China Ningbo 25
Melbourne China Ningbo 25
Sydney China Ningbo 27
Adelaide China Qingdao 29
Brisbane China Qingdao 19
Fremantle China Qingdao 25
Melbourne China Qingdao 26
Sydney China Qingdao 23
Adelaide China Shanghai 27
Brisbane China Shanghai 20
Fremantle China Shanghai 23
Melbourne China Shanghai 21
Sydney China Shanghai 24
Adelaide China Shenzhen 28
Brisbane China Shenzhen 27
Fremantle China Shenzhen 16
Melbourne China Shenzhen 31
Sydney China Shenzhen 32
Adelaide China Xiamen 26
Brisbane China Xiamen 19
Fremantle China Xiamen 19
Melbourne China Xiamen 23
Sydney China Xiamen 25
Adelaide China Xingang 35
Brisbane China Xingang 24
Fremantle China Xingang 31
Melbourne China Xingang 28
Sydney China Xingang 30
Adelaide Colombia Barranquilla 66
Brisbane Colombia Barranquilla 67
Fremantle Colombia Barranquilla 62
Melbourne Colombia Barranquilla 71
Sydney Colombia Barranquilla 74
Adelaide Colombia Bogota 66
Brisbane Colombia Bogota 44
Fremantle Colombia Bogota 62
Melbourne Colombia Bogota 56
Sydney Colombia Bogota 56
Adelaide Colombia Buenaventura 51
Brisbane Colombia Buenaventura 43
Fremantle Colombia Buenaventura 48
Melbourne Colombia Buenaventura 47
Sydney Colombia Buenaventura 49
Adelaide Colombia Cartagena 71
Brisbane Colombia Cartagena 67
Fremantle Colombia Cartagena 63
Melbourne Colombia Cartagena 74
Sydney Colombia Cartagena 71
Adelaide Congo Pointe Noire 82
Brisbane Congo Pointe Noire 79
Fremantle Congo Pointe Noire 70
Melbourne Congo Pointe Noire 79
Sydney Congo Pointe Noire 76
Adelaide Cook Islands Rarotonga 25
Brisbane Cook Islands Rarotonga 24
Fremantle Cook Islands Rarotonga 40
Melbourne Cook Islands Rarotonga 28
Sydney Cook Islands Rarotonga 24
Adelaide Costa Rica Puerto Limon 76
Brisbane Costa Rica Puerto Limon 77
Fremantle Costa Rica Puerto Limon 74
Melbourne Costa Rica Puerto Limon 77
Sydney Costa Rica Puerto Limon 74
Adelaide Costa Rica San Jose 62
Brisbane Costa Rica San Jose 52
Fremantle Costa Rica San Jose 69
Melbourne Costa Rica San Jose 59
Sydney Costa Rica San Jose 56
Adelaide Croatia Rijeka 46
Brisbane Croatia Rijeka 47
Fremantle Croatia Rijeka 42
Melbourne Croatia Rijeka 51
Sydney Croatia Rijeka 54
Adelaide Croatia Zagreb 46
Brisbane Croatia Zagreb 47
Fremantle Croatia Zagreb 42
Melbourne Croatia Zagreb 51
Sydney Croatia Zagreb 54
Adelaide Curacao Willemstad 94
Brisbane Curacao Willemstad 91
Fremantle Curacao Willemstad 88
Melbourne Curacao Willemstad 91
Sydney Curacao Willemstad 88
Adelaide Cyprus Larnaca 45
Brisbane Cyprus Larnaca 46
Fremantle Cyprus Larnaca 41
Melbourne Cyprus Larnaca 50
Sydney Cyprus Larnaca 53
Adelaide Cyprus Limassol 40
Brisbane Cyprus Limassol 41
Fremantle Cyprus Limassol 36
Melbourne Cyprus Limassol 45
Sydney Cyprus Limassol 48
Adelaide Czech Republic Prague 46
Brisbane Czech Republic Prague 47
Fremantle Czech Republic Prague 42
Melbourne Czech Republic Prague 55
Sydney Czech Republic Prague 52
Adelaide Denmark Aarhus 44
Brisbane Denmark Aarhus 45
Fremantle Denmark Aarhus 40
Melbourne Denmark Aarhus 49
Sydney Denmark Aarhus 52
Adelaide Denmark Copenhagen 44
Brisbane Denmark Copenhagen 45
Fremantle Denmark Copenhagen 40
Melbourne Denmark Copenhagen 49
Sydney Denmark Copenhagen 52
Adelaide Djibouti Djibouti 44
Brisbane Djibouti Djibouti 45
Fremantle Djibouti Djibouti 40
Melbourne Djibouti Djibouti 49
Sydney Djibouti Djibouti 52
Adelaide Dominica Roseau 93
Brisbane Dominica Roseau 90
Fremantle Dominica Roseau 87
Melbourne Dominica Roseau 90
Sydney Dominica Roseau 87
Adelaide Dominican Republic Rio Haina 82
Brisbane Dominican Republic Rio Haina 72
Fremantle Dominican Republic Rio Haina 63
Melbourne Dominican Republic Rio Haina 79
Sydney Dominican Republic Rio Haina 76
Adelaide Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 82
Brisbane Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 72
Fremantle Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 63
Melbourne Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 79
Sydney Dominican Republic Santo Domingo 76
Adelaide Ecuador Guayaquil 56
Brisbane Ecuador Guayaquil 50
Fremantle Ecuador Guayaquil 53
Melbourne Ecuador Guayaquil 50
Sydney Ecuador Guayaquil 56
Adelaide Egypt Alexandria 41
Brisbane Egypt Alexandria 42
Fremantle Egypt Alexandria 37
Melbourne Egypt Alexandria 46
Sydney Egypt Alexandria 49
Adelaide Egypt Cairo 45
Brisbane Egypt Cairo 46
Fremantle Egypt Cairo 41
Melbourne Egypt Cairo 50
Sydney Egypt Cairo 53
Adelaide Egypt Damietta 45
Brisbane Egypt Damietta 46
Fremantle Egypt Damietta 41
Melbourne Egypt Damietta 50
Sydney Egypt Damietta 53
Adelaide Egypt Port Said 30
Brisbane Egypt Port Said 31
Fremantle Egypt Port Said 26
Melbourne Egypt Port Said 35
Sydney Egypt Port Said 38
Adelaide El Salvador Acajutla 79
Brisbane El Salvador Acajutla 80
Fremantle El Salvador Acajutla 77
Melbourne El Salvador Acajutla 80
Sydney El Salvador Acajutla 77
Adelaide El Salvador San Salvador 58
Brisbane El Salvador San Salvador 72
Fremantle El Salvador San Salvador 77
Melbourne El Salvador San Salvador 79
Sydney El Salvador San Salvador 76
Adelaide Estonia Tallinn 44
Brisbane Estonia Tallinn 52
Fremantle Estonia Tallinn 40
Melbourne Estonia Tallinn 56
Sydney Estonia Tallinn 58
Adelaide Fiji Lautoka 15
Brisbane Fiji Lautoka 10/13/2015
Fremantle Fiji Lautoka 39
Melbourne Fiji Lautoka 10/13/2015
Sydney Fiji Lautoka 10/13/2015
Adelaide Fiji Suva 20
Brisbane Fiji Suva 9
Fremantle Fiji Suva 38
Melbourne Fiji Suva 17
Sydney Fiji Suva 13
Adelaide Finland Helsinki 48
Brisbane Finland Helsinki 49
Fremantle Finland Helsinki 44
Melbourne Finland Helsinki 53
Sydney Finland Helsinki 56
Adelaide France Bordeaux 40
Brisbane France Bordeaux 41
Fremantle France Bordeaux 36
Melbourne France Bordeaux 45
Sydney France Bordeaux 48
Adelaide France Fos 35
Brisbane France Fos 36
Fremantle France Fos 31
Melbourne France Fos 40
Sydney France Fos 43
Adelaide France Le Havre 45
Brisbane France Le Havre 46
Fremantle France Le Havre 41
Melbourne France Le Havre 50
Sydney France Le Havre 53
Fremantle France Lyon 36
Adelaide France Marseille 35
Brisbane France Marseille 36
Fremantle France Marseille 31
Melbourne France Marseille 40
Sydney France Marseille 43
Adelaide France Paris 46
Brisbane France Paris 47
Fremantle France Paris 42
Melbourne France Paris 51
Sydney France Paris 54
Adelaide French Guiana Cayenne 97
Brisbane French Guiana Cayenne 98
Fremantle French Guiana Cayenne 80
Melbourne French Guiana Cayenne 113
Sydney French Guiana Cayenne 110
Adelaide Gabon Libreville 94
Brisbane Gabon Libreville 91
Fremantle Gabon Libreville 85
Melbourne Gabon Libreville 91
Sydney Gabon Libreville 88
Brisbane Gambia Banjul 65
Fremantle Gambia Banjul 62
Melbourne Gambia Banjul 65
Sydney Gambia Banjul 62
Adelaide Germany Augsburg 53
Brisbane Germany Augsburg 54
Fremantle Germany Augsburg 42
Melbourne Germany Augsburg 54
Sydney Germany Augsburg 51
Adelaide Germany Berlin 41
Brisbane Germany Berlin 54
Fremantle Germany Berlin 42
Melbourne Germany Berlin 54
Sydney Germany Berlin 51
Adelaide Germany Bielefeld 41
Brisbane Germany Bielefeld 54
Fremantle Germany Bielefeld 42
Melbourne Germany Bielefeld 54
Sydney Germany Bielefeld 51
Adelaide Germany Bonn 41
Brisbane Germany Bonn 54
Melbourne Germany Bonn 54
Sydney Germany Bonn 51
Fremantle Germany Bonn 42
Brisbane Germany Bottrop 53
Melbourne Germany Bottrop 54
Sydney Germany Bottrop 51
Fremantle Germany Bottrop 42
Brisbane Germany Breisach 54
Melbourne Germany Breisach 54
Sydney Germany Breisach 51
Fremantle Germany Breisach 42
Adelaide Germany Bremen 41
Brisbane Germany Bremen 54
Melbourne Germany Bremen 54
Sydney Germany Bremen 51
Fremantle Germany Bremen 42
Adelaide Germany Cologne 41
Brisbane Germany Cologne 54
Melbourne Germany Cologne 54
Sydney Germany Cologne 51
Fremantle Germany Cologne 42
Brisbane Germany Dormagen 54
Melbourne Germany Dormagen 54
Sydney Germany Dormagen 51
Fremantle Germany Dormagen 42
Adelaide Germany Dortmund 41
Brisbane Germany Dortmund 54
Melbourne Germany Dortmund 54
Sydney Germany Dortmund 51
Fremantle Germany Dortmund 42
Adelaide Germany Dresden 41
Brisbane Germany Dresden 54
Melbourne Germany Dresden 54
Sydney Germany Dresden 51
Fremantle Germany Dresden 42
Adelaide Germany Dusseldorf 48
Brisbane Germany Dusseldorf 54
Melbourne Germany Dusseldorf 54
Sydney Germany Dusseldorf 51
Fremantle Germany Dusseldorf 42
Brisbane Germany Erlangen 54
Melbourne Germany Erlangen 54
Sydney Germany Erlangen 51
Fremantle Germany Erlangen 42
Adelaide Germany Essen 41
Brisbane Germany Essen 54
Melbourne Germany Essen 54
Sydney Germany Essen 51
Fremantle Germany Essen 42
Brisbane Germany Frankfurt 54
Melbourne Germany Frankfurt 54
Sydney Germany Frankfurt 51
Fremantle Germany Frankfurt 42
Adelaide Germany Freiburg 41
Brisbane Germany Freiburg 54
Melbourne Germany Freiburg 54
Sydney Germany Freiburg 51
Fremantle Germany Freiburg 42
Brisbane Germany Furth 54
Melbourne Germany Furth 54
Sydney Germany Furth 51
Fremantle Germany Furth 42
Brisbane Germany Gelsenkirchen 54
Melbourne Germany Gelsenkirchen 54
Sydney Germany Gelsenkirchen 51
Fremantle Germany Gelsenkirchen 42
Brisbane Germany Giessen 54
Melbourne Germany Giessen 54
Sydney Germany Giessen 51
Fremantle Germany Giessen 42
Adelaide Germany Hamburg 39
Brisbane Germany Hamburg 52
Melbourne Germany Hamburg 47
Sydney Germany Hamburg 44
Fremantle Germany Hamburg 32
Adelaide Germany Hanover 41
Brisbane Germany Hanover 54
Melbourne Germany Hanover 54
Sydney Germany Hanover 51
Fremantle Germany Hanover 42
Brisbane Germany Hennef 54
Melbourne Germany Hennef 54
Sydney Germany Hennef 51
Fremantle Germany Hennef 42
Adelaide Germany Karlsruhe 41
Brisbane Germany Karlsruhe 54
Melbourne Germany Karlsruhe 54
Sydney Germany Karlsruhe 51
Fremantle Germany Karlsruhe 42
Adelaide Germany Kassel 41
Brisbane Germany Kassel 54
Melbourne Germany Kassel 54
Sydney Germany Kassel 51
Fremantle Germany Kassel 42
Adelaide Germany Kiel 41
Brisbane Germany Kiel 54
Melbourne Germany Kiel 54
Sydney Germany Kiel 51
Fremantle Germany Kiel 42
Adelaide Germany Landshut 41
Brisbane Germany Landshut 54
Melbourne Germany Landshut 54
Sydney Germany Landshut 51
Fremantle Germany Landshut 42
Adelaide Germany Leipzig 41
Brisbane Germany Leipzig 54
Melbourne Germany Leipzig 54
Sydney Germany Leipzig 51
Fremantle Germany Leipzig 42
Brisbane Germany Ludwigsburg 54
Melbourne Germany Ludwigsburg 54
Sydney Germany Ludwigsburg 51
Fremantle Germany Ludwigsburg 42
Adelaide Germany Magdeburg 41
Brisbane Germany Magdeburg 54
Melbourne Germany Magdeburg 54
Sydney Germany Magdeburg 51
Fremantle Germany Magdeburg 42
Adelaide Germany Mannheim 41
Brisbane Germany Mannheim 54
Melbourne Germany Mannheim 54
Sydney Germany Mannheim 51
Fremantle Germany Mannheim 42
Adelaide Germany Munich 41
Brisbane Germany Munich 54
Melbourne Germany Munich 54
Sydney Germany Munich 51
Fremantle Germany Munich 42
Brisbane Germany Neuss 54
Melbourne Germany Neuss 54
Sydney Germany Neuss 51
Fremantle Germany Neuss 42
Adelaide Germany Nuremberg 41
Brisbane Germany Nuremberg 54
Melbourne Germany Nuremberg 54
Sydney Germany Nuremberg 51
Fremantle Germany Nuremberg 42
Adelaide Germany Offenbach 41
Brisbane Germany Offenbach 54
Melbourne Germany Offenbach 54
Sydney Germany Offenbach 51
Fremantle Germany Offenbach 42
Adelaide Germany Oldenburg 41
Brisbane Germany Oldenburg 54
Melbourne Germany Oldenburg 54
Sydney Germany Oldenburg 51
Fremantle Germany Oldenburg 42
Brisbane Germany Porta Westfalica 54
Melbourne Germany Porta Westfalica 54
Sydney Germany Porta Westfalica 51
Fremantle Germany Porta Westfalica 42
Adelaide Germany Regensburg 41
Brisbane Germany Regensburg 54
Melbourne Germany Regensburg 54
Sydney Germany Regensburg 51
Fremantle Germany Regensburg 42
Brisbane Germany Rheine 54
Melbourne Germany Rheine 54
Sydney Germany Rheine 51
Fremantle Germany Rheine 42
Brisbane Germany Riesa 54
Melbourne Germany Riesa 54
Sydney Germany Riesa 51
Fremantle Germany Riesa 42
Adelaide Germany Rostock 41
Brisbane Germany Rostock 54
Melbourne Germany Rostock 54
Sydney Germany Rostock 51
Fremantle Germany Rostock 42
Adelaide Germany Saarbrucken 41
Brisbane Germany Saarbrucken 54
Melbourne Germany Saarbrucken 54
Sydney Germany Saarbrucken 51
Fremantle Germany Saarbrucken 42
Brisbane Germany Schweinfurt 54
Melbourne Germany Schweinfurt 54
Sydney Germany Schweinfurt 51
Fremantle Germany Schweinfurt 42
Adelaide Germany Stuttgart 41
Brisbane Germany Stuttgart 54
Melbourne Germany Stuttgart 54
Sydney Germany Stuttgart 51
Fremantle Germany Stuttgart 42
Adelaide Germany Trier 41
Brisbane Germany Trier 54
Melbourne Germany Trier 54
Sydney Germany Trier 51
Fremantle Germany Trier 42
Brisbane Germany Ulm 54
Melbourne Germany Ulm 54
Sydney Germany Ulm 51
Fremantle Germany Ulm 42
Brisbane Germany Viernheim 54
Melbourne Germany Viernheim 54
Sydney Germany Viernheim 51
Fremantle Germany Viernheim 42
Brisbane Germany Villingen-Schwenningen 54
Melbourne Germany Villingen-Schwenningen 54
Sydney Germany Villingen-Schwenningen 51
Fremantle Germany Villingen-Schwenningen 42
Brisbane Germany Weinstadt 54
Melbourne Germany Weinstadt 54
Sydney Germany Weinstadt 51
Fremantle Germany Weinstadt 42
Brisbane Germany Wunstorf 54
Melbourne Germany Wunstorf 54
Sydney Germany Wunstorf 51
Fremantle Germany Wunstorf 42
Adelaide Germany Wuppertal 41
Brisbane Germany Wuppertal 54
Melbourne Germany Wuppertal 54
Sydney Germany Wuppertal 51
Fremantle Germany Wuppertal 42
Adelaide Ghana Accra 76
Brisbane Ghana Accra 73
Melbourne Ghana Accra 73
Sydney Ghana Accra 70
Fremantle Ghana Accra 61
Adelaide Ghana Tema 76
Brisbane Ghana Tema 73
Melbourne Ghana Tema 73
Sydney Ghana Tema 70
Fremantle Ghana Tema 59
Adelaide Greece Athens 33
Brisbane Greece Athens 34
Melbourne Greece Athens 38
Sydney Greece Athens 41
Fremantle Greece Athens 29
Adelaide Greece Piraeus 31
Brisbane Greece Piraeus 32
Melbourne Greece Piraeus 36
Sydney Greece Piraeus 39
Fremantle Greece Piraeus 27
Adelaide Grenada St. Georges 96
Brisbane Grenada St. Georges 86
Melbourne Grenada St. Georges 88
Sydney Grenada St. Georges 85
Fremantle Grenada St. Georges 85
Adelaide Guadeloupe Pointe A Pitre 56
Brisbane Guadeloupe Pointe A Pitre 83
Melbourne Guadeloupe Pointe A Pitre 83
Sydney Guadeloupe Pointe A Pitre 80
Fremantle Guadeloupe Pointe A Pitre 80
Adelaide Guatemala Guatemala City 51
Brisbane Guatemala Guatemala City 47
Melbourne Guatemala Guatemala City 54
Sydney Guatemala Guatemala City 51
Fremantle Guatemala Guatemala City 59
Adelaide Guatemala Puerto Quetzal 67
Brisbane Guatemala Puerto Quetzal 57
Melbourne Guatemala Puerto Quetzal 64
Sydney Guatemala Puerto Quetzal 61
Fremantle Guatemala Puerto Quetzal 80
Adelaide Guinea Conakry 68
Brisbane Guinea Conakry 69
Melbourne Guinea Conakry 69
Sydney Guinea Conakry 66
Fremantle Guinea Conakry 58
Adelaide Guyana Georgetown 78
Brisbane Guyana Georgetown 83
Melbourne Guyana Georgetown 83
Sydney Guyana Georgetown 80
Fremantle Guyana Georgetown 80
Adelaide Haiti Port-au-Prince 71
Brisbane Haiti Port-au-Prince 74
Melbourne Haiti Port-au-Prince 74
Sydney Haiti Port-au-Prince 71
Fremantle Haiti Port-au-Prince 71
Adelaide Honduras Puerto Cortez 78
Brisbane Honduras Puerto Cortez 79
Melbourne Honduras Puerto Cortez 79
Sydney Honduras Puerto Cortez 76
Fremantle Honduras Puerto Cortez 76
Adelaide Honduras San Pedro Sula 71
Brisbane Honduras San Pedro Sula 72
Melbourne Honduras San Pedro Sula 79
Sydney Honduras San Pedro Sula 76
Fremantle Honduras San Pedro Sula 70
Adelaide Honduras Tegucigalpa 82
Brisbane Honduras Tegucigalpa 72
Melbourne Honduras Tegucigalpa 79
Sydney Honduras Tegucigalpa 76
Fremantle Honduras Tegucigalpa 76
Adelaide Hong Kong Hong Kong 23
Brisbane Hong Kong Hong Kong 12
Melbourne Hong Kong Hong Kong 16
Sydney Hong Kong Hong Kong 18
Fremantle Hong Kong Hong Kong 13
Adelaide Hungary Budapest 49
Brisbane Hungary Budapest 50
Melbourne Hungary Budapest 54
Sydney Hungary Budapest 57
Fremantle Hungary Budapest 42
Adelaide Iceland Reykjavik 66
Brisbane Iceland Reykjavik 60
Melbourne Iceland Reykjavik 60
Sydney Iceland Reykjavik 57
Fremantle Iceland Reykjavik 49
Adelaide India Ahmedabad 30
Brisbane India Ahmedabad 31
Melbourne India Ahmedabad 35
Sydney India Ahmedabad 38
Fremantle India Ahmedabad 26
Adelaide India Bangalore 37
Brisbane India Bangalore 38
Melbourne India Bangalore 42
Sydney India Bangalore 45
Fremantle India Bangalore 33
Adelaide India Calcutta 28
Brisbane India Calcutta 29
Melbourne India Calcutta 33
Sydney India Calcutta 36
Fremantle India Calcutta 18
Adelaide India Chennai 27
Brisbane India Chennai 28
Melbourne India Chennai 32
Sydney India Chennai 35
Fremantle India Chennai 21
Adelaide India Cochin 31
Brisbane India Cochin 32
Melbourne India Cochin 36
Sydney India Cochin 39
Fremantle India Cochin 27
Adelaide India Hyderabad 32
Brisbane India Hyderabad 33
Melbourne India Hyderabad 37
Sydney India Hyderabad 40
Fremantle India Hyderabad 28
Adelaide India Mumbai 30
Brisbane India Mumbai 31
Melbourne India Mumbai 35
Sydney India Mumbai 38
Fremantle India Mumbai 21
Adelaide India New Delhi 33
Brisbane India New Delhi 34
Melbourne India New Delhi 38
Sydney India New Delhi 41
Fremantle India New Delhi 29
Adelaide India Nhava Sheva 29
Brisbane India Nhava Sheva 30
Melbourne India Nhava Sheva 34
Sydney India Nhava Sheva 37
Fremantle India Nhava Sheva 20
Adelaide India Tuticorin 36
Brisbane India Tuticorin 37
Melbourne India Tuticorin 41
Sydney India Tuticorin 44
Fremantle India Tuticorin 32
Adelaide Indonesia Belawan 19
Brisbane Indonesia Belawan 20
Melbourne Indonesia Belawan 24
Sydney Indonesia Belawan 27
Fremantle Indonesia Belawan 15
Adelaide Indonesia Jakarta 23
Brisbane Indonesia Jakarta 24
Melbourne Indonesia Jakarta 28
Sydney Indonesia Jakarta 14
Fremantle Indonesia Jakarta 15
Adelaide Indonesia Semarang 19
Brisbane Indonesia Semarang 20
Melbourne Indonesia Semarang 24
Sydney Indonesia Semarang 27
Fremantle Indonesia Semarang 15
Adelaide Indonesia Surabaya 24
Brisbane Indonesia Surabaya 25
Melbourne Indonesia Surabaya 29
Sydney Indonesia Surabaya 32
Fremantle Indonesia Surabaya 20
Adelaide Ireland Cork 52
Brisbane Ireland Cork 53
Melbourne Ireland Cork 57
Sydney Ireland Cork 60
Fremantle Ireland Cork 52
Adelaide Ireland Dublin 46
Brisbane Ireland Dublin 47
Fremantle Ireland Dublin 48
Melbourne Ireland Dublin 51
Sydney Ireland Dublin 54
Adelaide Israel Ashdod 35
Brisbane Israel Ashdod 36
Fremantle Israel Ashdod 25
Melbourne Israel Ashdod 40
Sydney Israel Ashdod 43
Adelaide Israel Haifa 33
Brisbane Israel Haifa 34
Fremantle Israel Haifa 29
Melbourne Israel Haifa 38
Sydney Israel Haifa 41
Adelaide Israel Tel Aviv 35
Brisbane Israel Tel Aviv 36
Fremantle Israel Tel Aviv 31
Melbourne Israel Tel Aviv 40
Sydney Israel Tel Aviv 43
Adelaide Italy Bologna 38
Brisbane Italy Bologna 39
Fremantle Italy Bologna 34
Melbourne Italy Bologna 43
Sydney Italy Bologna 46
Adelaide Italy Como 38
Brisbane Italy Como 39
Fremantle Italy Como 34
Melbourne Italy Como 43
Sydney Italy Como 46
Adelaide Italy Genoa 36
Brisbane Italy Genoa 37
Fremantle Italy Genoa 35
Melbourne Italy Genoa 41
Sydney Italy Genoa 44
Adelaide Italy La Spezia 39
Brisbane Italy La Spezia 40
Fremantle Italy La Spezia 35
Melbourne Italy La Spezia 44
Sydney Italy La Spezia 47
Adelaide Italy Livorno 39
Brisbane Italy Livorno 40
Fremantle Italy Livorno 35
Melbourne Italy Livorno 44
Sydney Italy Livorno 47
Adelaide Italy Milano 39
Brisbane Italy Milano 40
Fremantle Italy Milano 35
Melbourne Italy Milano 44
Sydney Italy Milano 47
Adelaide Italy Napoli 39
Brisbane Italy Napoli 40
Fremantle Italy Napoli 35
Melbourne Italy Napoli 44
Sydney Italy Napoli 47
Adelaide Italy Rome 39
Brisbane Italy Rome 40
Fremantle Italy Rome 35
Melbourne Italy Rome 44
Sydney Italy Rome 47
Adelaide Italy Torino 39
Brisbane Italy Torino 40
Fremantle Italy Torino 35
Melbourne Italy Torino 44
Sydney Italy Torino 47
Adelaide Italy Trieste 39
Brisbane Italy Trieste 40
Fremantle Italy Trieste 35
Melbourne Italy Trieste 44
Sydney Italy Trieste 47
Adelaide Italy Venice 39
Brisbane Italy Venice 40
Fremantle Italy Venice 35
Melbourne Italy Venice 44
Sydney Italy Venice 47
Adelaide Jamaica Kingston 71
Brisbane Jamaica Kingston 67
Fremantle Jamaica Kingston 67
Melbourne Jamaica Kingston 74
Sydney Jamaica Kingston 71
Adelaide Japan Chiba 30
Brisbane Japan Chiba 20
Melbourne Japan Chiba 27
Sydney Japan Chiba 24
Adelaide Japan Fukuyama 32
Brisbane Japan Fukuyama 20
Fremantle Japan Fukuyama 28
Melbourne Japan Fukuyama 27
Sydney Japan Fukuyama 24
Adelaide Japan Hakata 32
Brisbane Japan Hakata 18
Fremantle Japan Hakata 28
Melbourne Japan Hakata 25
Sydney Japan Hakata 22
Adelaide Japan Hiroshima 32
Brisbane Japan Hiroshima 19
Fremantle Japan Hiroshima 28
Melbourne Japan Hiroshima 26
Sydney Japan Hiroshima 23
Adelaide Japan Imabari 29
Brisbane Japan Imabari 19
Melbourne Japan Imabari 26
Sydney Japan Imabari 23
Adelaide Japan Kanazawa 32
Brisbane Japan Kanazawa 20
Fremantle Japan Kanazawa 28
Melbourne Japan Kanazawa 27
Sydney Japan Kanazawa 24
Adelaide Japan Kobe 29
Brisbane Japan Kobe 19
Fremantle Japan Kobe 25
Melbourne Japan Kobe 26
Sydney Japan Kobe 23
Adelaide Japan Matsuyama 29
Brisbane Japan Matsuyama 19
Melbourne Japan Matsuyama 26
Sydney Japan Matsuyama 23
Adelaide Japan Mizushima 30
Brisbane Japan Mizushima 20
Melbourne Japan Mizushima 27
Sydney Japan Mizushima 24
Adelaide Japan Moji 32
Brisbane Japan Moji 18
Fremantle Japan Moji 28
Melbourne Japan Moji 25
Sydney Japan Moji 22
Adelaide Japan Nagasaki 29
Brisbane Japan Nagasaki 19
Melbourne Japan Nagasaki 26
Sydney Japan Nagasaki 23
Adelaide Japan Nagoya 31
Brisbane Japan Nagoya 21
Fremantle Japan Nagoya 23
Melbourne Japan Nagoya 28
Sydney Japan Nagoya 25
Adelaide Japan Niigata 32
Brisbane Japan Niigata 21
Fremantle Japan Niigata 28
Melbourne Japan Niigata 28
Sydney Japan Niigata 25
Adelaide Japan Osaka 30
Brisbane Japan Osaka 19
Fremantle Japan Osaka 23
Melbourne Japan Osaka 26
Sydney Japan Osaka 23
Adelaide Japan Sakata 32
Brisbane Japan Sakata 20
Fremantle Japan Sakata 28
Melbourne Japan Sakata 27
Sydney Japan Sakata 24
Adelaide Japan Sendai 30
Brisbane Japan Sendai 20
Melbourne Japan Sendai 27
Sydney Japan Sendai 24
Adelaide Japan Shimizu 32
Brisbane Japan Shimizu 19
Fremantle Japan Shimizu 28
Melbourne Japan Shimizu 26
Sydney Japan Shimizu 23
Adelaide Japan Shimonoseki 28
Brisbane Japan Shimonoseki 18
Melbourne Japan Shimonoseki 25
Sydney Japan Shimonoseki 22
Adelaide Japan Takamatsu 32
Brisbane Japan Takamatsu 20
Fremantle Japan Takamatsu 28
Melbourne Japan Takamatsu 27
Sydney Japan Takamatsu 24
Adelaide Japan Tokyo 30
Brisbane Japan Tokyo 20
Fremantle Japan Tokyo 21
Melbourne Japan Tokyo 24
Sydney Japan Tokyo 21
Adelaide Japan Tomakomai 32
Brisbane Japan Tomakomai 20
Fremantle Japan Tomakomai 28
Melbourne Japan Tomakomai 27
Sydney Japan Tomakomai 24
Adelaide Japan Tsuruga 32
Brisbane Japan Tsuruga 20
Melbourne Japan Tsuruga 27
Sydney Japan Tsuruga 24
Adelaide Japan Yokkaichi 32
Brisbane Japan Yokkaichi 20
Melbourne Japan Yokkaichi 27
Sydney Japan Yokkaichi 24
Adelaide Japan Yokohama 32
Brisbane Japan Yokohama 20
Fremantle Japan Yokohama 30
Melbourne Japan Yokohama 24
Sydney Japan Yokohama 13
Adelaide Jordan Aqaba 43
Brisbane Jordan Aqaba 44
Fremantle Jordan Aqaba 35
Melbourne Jordan Aqaba 48
Sydney Jordan Aqaba 51
Adelaide Kazakhstan Almaty 50
Brisbane Kazakhstan Almaty 51
Fremantle Kazakhstan Almaty 46
Melbourne Kazakhstan Almaty 55
Sydney Kazakhstan Almaty 58
Adelaide Kenya Mombasa 35
Brisbane Kenya Mombasa 36
Fremantle Kenya Mombasa 31
Melbourne Kenya Mombasa 40
Sydney Kenya Mombasa 43
Adelaide Kenya Nairobi 50
Brisbane Kenya Nairobi 51
Fremantle Kenya Nairobi 46
Melbourne Kenya Nairobi 55
Sydney Kenya Nairobi 58
Adelaide Korea Busan 28
Brisbane Korea Busan 12
Fremantle Korea Busan 21
Melbourne Korea Busan 19
Sydney Korea Busan 16
Adelaide Korea Incheon 31
Brisbane Korea Incheon 20
Fremantle Korea Incheon 25
Melbourne Korea Incheon 24
Sydney Korea Incheon 17
Adelaide Korea Seoul 31
Brisbane Korea Seoul 20
Fremantle Korea Seoul 23
Melbourne Korea Seoul 24
Sydney Korea Seoul 17
Adelaide Kuwait Kuwait 34
Brisbane Kuwait Kuwait 35
Fremantle Kuwait Kuwait 30
Melbourne Kuwait Kuwait 39
Sydney Kuwait Kuwait 42
Adelaide Latvia Riga 50
Brisbane Latvia Riga 51
Fremantle Latvia Riga 46
Melbourne Latvia Riga 55
Sydney Latvia Riga 58
Adelaide Lebanon Beirut 57
Brisbane Lebanon Beirut 58
Fremantle Lebanon Beirut 45
Melbourne Lebanon Beirut 62
Sydney Lebanon Beirut 65
Adelaide Liberia Monrovia 82
Brisbane Liberia Monrovia 83
Fremantle Liberia Monrovia 69
Melbourne Liberia Monrovia 83
Sydney Liberia Monrovia 80
Adelaide Libya Tripoli 72
Brisbane Libya Tripoli 73
Fremantle Libya Tripoli 70
Melbourne Libya Tripoli 73
Sydney Libya Tripoli 70
Adelaide Lithuania Klaipeda 46
Brisbane Lithuania Klaipeda 47
Fremantle Lithuania Klaipeda 42
Melbourne Lithuania Klaipeda 51
Sydney Lithuania Klaipeda 54
Adelaide Lithuania Vilnius 46
Brisbane Lithuania Vilnius 47
Fremantle Lithuania Vilnius 42
Melbourne Lithuania Vilnius 51
Sydney Lithuania Vilnius 54
Adelaide Luxemberg Luxemberg 54
Brisbane Luxemberg Luxemberg 40
Fremantle Luxemberg Luxemberg 35
Melbourne Luxemberg Luxemberg 44
Sydney Luxemberg Luxemberg 52
Adelaide Macedonia Skopje 46
Brisbane Macedonia Skopje 60
Fremantle Macedonia Skopje 57
Melbourne Macedonia Skopje 60
Sydney Macedonia Skopje 57
Adelaide Madagascar Tamatave 35
Brisbane Madagascar Tamatave 36
Fremantle Madagascar Tamatave 31
Melbourne Madagascar Tamatave 40
Sydney Madagascar Tamatave 43
Adelaide Malawi Blantyre 100
Brisbane Malawi Blantyre 97
Fremantle Malawi Blantyre 94
Melbourne Malawi Blantyre 97
Sydney Malawi Blantyre 94
Adelaide Malawi Lilongwe 100
Brisbane Malawi Lilongwe 97
Fremantle Malawi Lilongwe 94
Melbourne Malawi Lilongwe 97
Sydney Malawi Lilongwe 94
Adelaide Malaysia Bintulu 24
Brisbane Malaysia Bintulu 25
Fremantle Malaysia Bintulu 25
Melbourne Malaysia Bintulu 29
Sydney Malaysia Bintulu 32
Adelaide Malaysia Kota Kinabalu 20
Brisbane Malaysia Kota Kinabalu 21
Fremantle Malaysia Kota Kinabalu 16
Melbourne Malaysia Kota Kinabalu 25
Sydney Malaysia Kota Kinabalu 28
Adelaide Malaysia Kuching 21
Brisbane Malaysia Kuching 22
Fremantle Malaysia Kuching 17
Melbourne Malaysia Kuching 26
Sydney Malaysia Kuching 29
Adelaide Malaysia Labuan 21
Brisbane Malaysia Labuan 22
Fremantle Malaysia Labuan 17
Melbourne Malaysia Labuan 26
Sydney Malaysia Labuan 29
Adelaide Malaysia Miri 30
Brisbane Malaysia Miri 31
Fremantle Malaysia Miri 26
Melbourne Malaysia Miri 35
Sydney Malaysia Miri 38
Adelaide Malaysia Pasir Gudang 23
Brisbane Malaysia Pasir Gudang 24
Fremantle Malaysia Pasir Gudang 12
Melbourne Malaysia Pasir Gudang 19
Sydney Malaysia Pasir Gudang 24
Adelaide Malaysia Penang 22
Brisbane Malaysia Penang 23
Fremantle Malaysia Penang 15
Melbourne Malaysia Penang 19
Sydney Malaysia Penang 24
Adelaide Malaysia Port Kelang 22
Brisbane Malaysia Port Kelang 23
Fremantle Malaysia Port Kelang 12
Melbourne Malaysia Port Kelang 12
Sydney Malaysia Port Kelang 17
Adelaide Malaysia Sibu 26
Brisbane Malaysia Sibu 27
Fremantle Malaysia Sibu 22
Melbourne Malaysia Sibu 31
Sydney Malaysia Sibu 34
Adelaide Malaysia Tawau 23
Brisbane Malaysia Tawau 24
Fremantle Malaysia Tawau 19
Melbourne Malaysia Tawau 28
Sydney Malaysia Tawau 31
Adelaide Maldives Male 30
Brisbane Maldives Male 31
Fremantle Maldives Male 26
Melbourne Maldives Male 35
Sydney Maldives Male 38
Adelaide Malta La Valetta 56
Brisbane Malta La Valetta 63
Fremantle Malta La Valetta 60
Melbourne Malta La Valetta 63
Sydney Malta La Valetta 60
Brisbane Martinique Fort De France 83
Fremantle Martinique Fort De France 80
Melbourne Martinique Fort De France 83
Sydney Martinique Fort De France 80
Adelaide Mauritania Nouakchott 75
Brisbane Mauritania Nouakchott 72
Fremantle Mauritania Nouakchott 69
Melbourne Mauritania Nouakchott 72
Sydney Mauritania Nouakchott 69
Adelaide Mauritius Port Louis 32
Brisbane Mauritius Port Louis 33
Fremantle Mauritius Port Louis 24
Melbourne Mauritius Port Louis 31
Sydney Mauritius Port Louis 40
Adelaide Mexico Manzanillo 48
Brisbane Mexico Manzanillo 34
Fremantle Mexico Manzanillo 39
Melbourne Mexico Manzanillo 41
Sydney Mexico Manzanillo 38
Adelaide Mexico Mexico City 56
Brisbane Mexico Mexico City 44
Fremantle Mexico Mexico City 52
Melbourne Mexico Mexico City 51
Sydney Mexico Mexico City 48
Brisbane Mexico Tampico 68
Fremantle Mexico Tampico 65
Melbourne Mexico Tampico 68
Sydney Mexico Tampico 65
Adelaide Mexico Veracruz 56
Brisbane Mexico Veracruz 60
Fremantle Mexico Veracruz 63
Melbourne Mexico Veracruz 62
Sydney Mexico Veracruz 67
Brisbane Monserrat Plymouth 100
Fremantle Monserrat Plymouth 97
Melbourne Monserrat Plymouth 100
Sydney Monserrat Plymouth 97
Adelaide Montserrat Plymouth 84
Adelaide Morocco Casablanca 46
Brisbane Morocco Casablanca 41
Fremantle Morocco Casablanca 52
Melbourne Morocco Casablanca 46
Sydney Morocco Casablanca 49
Adelaide Mozambique Maputo 56
Brisbane Mozambique Maputo 57
Fremantle Mozambique Maputo 52
Melbourne Mozambique Maputo 61
Sydney Mozambique Maputo 64
Adelaide Myanmar Yangon 26
Brisbane Myanmar Yangon 27
Fremantle Myanmar Yangon 22
Melbourne Myanmar Yangon 31
Sydney Myanmar Yangon 34
Brisbane Namibia Walvis Bay 93
Fremantle Namibia Walvis Bay 62
Melbourne Namibia Walvis Bay 93
Sydney Namibia Walvis Bay 90
Brisbane Namibia Windhoek 96
Fremantle Namibia Windhoek 66
Melbourne Namibia Windhoek 96
Sydney Namibia Windhoek 93
Adelaide Netherlands Amsterdam 41
Brisbane Netherlands Amsterdam 57
Fremantle Netherlands Amsterdam 37
Melbourne Netherlands Amsterdam 57
Sydney Netherlands Amsterdam 54
Adelaide Netherlands Rotterdam 37
Brisbane Netherlands Rotterdam 54
Fremantle Netherlands Rotterdam 35
Fremantle Netherlands Rotterdam 38
Melbourne Netherlands Rotterdam 54
Sydney Netherlands Rotterdam 51
Adelaide New Caledonia Noumea 10
Brisbane New Caledonia Noumea 5
Fremantle New Caledonia Noumea 38
Melbourne New Caledonia Noumea 7
Sydney New Caledonia Noumea 5
Adelaide New Zealand Auckland 5
Adelaide New Zealand Auckland 5
Brisbane New Zealand Auckland 4
Fremantle New Zealand Auckland 15
Melbourne New Zealand Auckland 8
Sydney New Zealand Auckland 4
Adelaide New Zealand Dunedin 12
Brisbane New Zealand Dunedin 14
Fremantle New Zealand Dunedin 22
Melbourne New Zealand Dunedin 20
Sydney New Zealand Dunedin 23
Adelaide New Zealand Hamilton 8
Brisbane New Zealand Hamilton 8
Fremantle New Zealand Hamilton 16
Melbourne New Zealand Hamilton 12
Sydney New Zealand Hamilton 10
Adelaide New Zealand Invercargill 12
Brisbane New Zealand Invercargill 14
Fremantle New Zealand Invercargill 22
Melbourne New Zealand Invercargill 20
Sydney New Zealand Invercargill 23
Adelaide New Zealand Lyttelton 12
Brisbane New Zealand Lyttelton 7
Fremantle New Zealand Lyttelton 20
Melbourne New Zealand Lyttelton 12
Sydney New Zealand Lyttelton 14
Adelaide New Zealand Napier 8
Brisbane New Zealand Napier 8
Fremantle New Zealand Napier 16
Melbourne New Zealand Napier 11
Sydney New Zealand Napier 10
Adelaide New Zealand Nelson 12
Brisbane New Zealand Nelson 14
Fremantle New Zealand Nelson 20
Melbourne New Zealand Nelson 20
Sydney New Zealand Nelson 23
Adelaide New Zealand Palmerston North 12
Brisbane New Zealand Palmerston North 9
Fremantle New Zealand Palmerston North 16
Melbourne New Zealand Palmerston North 14
Sydney New Zealand Palmerston North 17
Adelaide New Zealand Tauranga 8
Brisbane New Zealand Tauranga 8
Fremantle New Zealand Tauranga 16
Melbourne New Zealand Tauranga 11
Sydney New Zealand Tauranga 10
Brisbane New Zealand Timaru 14
Melbourne New Zealand Timaru 20
Sydney New Zealand Timaru 23
Adelaide New Zealand Wellington 12
Brisbane New Zealand Wellington 12
Fremantle New Zealand Wellington 19
Melbourne New Zealand Wellington 10
Sydney New Zealand Wellington 12
Adelaide Nicaragua Managua 66
Brisbane Nicaragua Managua 72
Fremantle Nicaragua Managua 65
Melbourne Nicaragua Managua 79
Sydney Nicaragua Managua 76
Adelaide Nigeria Lagos 72
Brisbane Nigeria Lagos 69
Fremantle Nigeria Lagos 59
Melbourne Nigeria Lagos 69
Sydney Nigeria Lagos 66
Adelaide Norway Bergen 64
Brisbane Norway Bergen 61
Fremantle Norway Bergen 46
Melbourne Norway Bergen 61
Sydney Norway Bergen 58
Adelaide Norway Oslo 48
Brisbane Norway Oslo 49
Fremantle Norway Oslo 39
Melbourne Norway Oslo 48
Sydney Norway Oslo 53
Adelaide Norway Stavanger 64
Brisbane Norway Stavanger 61
Fremantle Norway Stavanger 48
Melbourne Norway Stavanger 61
Sydney Norway Stavanger 58
Adelaide Pakistan Karachi 32
Brisbane Pakistan Karachi 33
Fremantle Pakistan Karachi 23
Melbourne Pakistan Karachi 37
Sydney Pakistan Karachi 40
Adelaide Panama Balboa 46
Brisbane Panama Balboa 57
Fremantle Panama Balboa 42
Melbourne Panama Balboa 64
Sydney Panama Balboa 61
Adelaide Panama Colon Free Zone 56
Brisbane Panama Colon Free Zone 42
Fremantle Panama Colon Free Zone 52
Melbourne Panama Colon Free Zone 49
Sydney Panama Colon Free Zone 46
Adelaide Panama Cristobal 64
Brisbane Panama Cristobal 57
Fremantle Panama Cristobal 60
Melbourne Panama Cristobal 64
Sydney Panama Cristobal 61
Adelaide Panama Manzanillo, PA 46
Brisbane Panama Manzanillo, PA 57
Fremantle Panama Manzanillo, PA 42
Melbourne Panama Manzanillo, PA 64
Sydney Panama Manzanillo, PA 61
Adelaide Panama Panama City 64
Brisbane Panama Panama City 57
Fremantle Panama Panama City 60
Melbourne Panama Panama City 64
Sydney Panama Panama City 61
Adelaide Papua New Guinea Lae 17
Brisbane Papua New Guinea Lae 12
Fremantle Papua New Guinea Lae 40
Melbourne Papua New Guinea Lae 12
Sydney Papua New Guinea Lae 12
Adelaide Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 17
Brisbane Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 12
Fremantle Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 37
Melbourne Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 12
Sydney Papua New Guinea Port Moresby 12
Adelaide Paraguay Asuncion 45
Brisbane Paraguay Asuncion 46
Fremantle Paraguay Asuncion 56
Melbourne Paraguay Asuncion 50
Sydney Paraguay Asuncion 53
Adelaide Peru Callao 49
Brisbane Peru Callao 46
Fremantle Peru Callao 45
Melbourne Peru Callao 50
Sydney Peru Callao 52
Adelaide Peru Lima 56
Brisbane Peru Lima 52
Fremantle Peru Lima 47
Melbourne Peru Lima 59
Sydney Peru Lima 56
Adelaide Philippines Cebu 27
Brisbane Philippines Cebu 36
Fremantle Philippines Cebu 19
Melbourne Philippines Cebu 40
Sydney Philippines Cebu 42
Adelaide Philippines Manila 25
Brisbane Philippines Manila 20
Brisbane Philippines Manila 20
Fremantle Philippines Manila 21
Fremantle Philippines Manila 21
Melbourne Philippines Manila 24
Melbourne Philippines Manila 24
Sydney Philippines Manila 24
Sydney Philippines Manila 24
Adelaide Poland Gdynia 47
Brisbane Poland Gdynia 48
Fremantle Poland Gdynia 43
Melbourne Poland Gdynia 52
Sydney Poland Gdynia 55
Adelaide Poland Krakow 46
Brisbane Poland Krakow 47
Fremantle Poland Krakow 42
Melbourne Poland Krakow 51
Sydney Poland Krakow 54
Adelaide Poland Warsaw 46
Brisbane Poland Warsaw 47
Fremantle Poland Warsaw 42
Melbourne Poland Warsaw 51
Sydney Poland Warsaw 54
Adelaide Portugal Leixoes 47
Brisbane Portugal Leixoes 48
Fremantle Portugal Leixoes 43
Melbourne Portugal Leixoes 52
Sydney Portugal Leixoes 55
Adelaide Portugal Lisbon 47
Brisbane Portugal Lisbon 48
Melbourne Portugal Lisbon 52
Sydney Portugal Lisbon 55
Fremantle Portugal Lisbon 43
Fremantle Portugal Porto 60
Adelaide Portugal Porto 66
Brisbane Portugal Porto 77
Melbourne Portugal Porto 63
Sydney Portugal Porto 60
Adelaide Puerto Rico San Juan 87
Brisbane Puerto Rico San Juan 77
Fremantle Puerto Rico San Juan 56
Melbourne Puerto Rico San Juan 84
Sydney Puerto Rico San Juan 81
Adelaide Qatar Doha 34
Brisbane Qatar Doha 35
Fremantle Qatar Doha 30
Melbourne Qatar Doha 39
Sydney Qatar Doha 42
Adelaide Reunion Island Pointe Des Galets 56
Brisbane Reunion Island Pointe Des Galets 57
Fremantle Reunion Island Pointe Des Galets 42
Melbourne Reunion Island Pointe Des Galets 61
Sydney Reunion Island Pointe Des Galets 64
Adelaide Romania Bucharest 56
Brisbane Romania Bucharest 41
Fremantle Romania Bucharest 37
Melbourne Romania Bucharest 59
Sydney Romania Bucharest 59
Adelaide Russia Moscow 64
Brisbane Russia Moscow 61
Fremantle Russia Moscow 58
Melbourne Russia Moscow 61
Sydney Russia Moscow 58
Adelaide Russia St. Petersburg 59
Brisbane Russia St. Petersburg 53
Fremantle Russia St. Petersburg 53
Melbourne Russia St. Petersburg 56
Sydney Russia St. Petersburg 53
Adelaide Saudi Arabia Dammam 31
Brisbane Saudi Arabia Dammam 32
Fremantle Saudi Arabia Dammam 30
Melbourne Saudi Arabia Dammam 36
Sydney Saudi Arabia Dammam 39
Adelaide Saudi Arabia Jeddah 41
Brisbane Saudi Arabia Jeddah 42
Fremantle Saudi Arabia Jeddah 35
Melbourne Saudi Arabia Jeddah 46
Sydney Saudi Arabia Jeddah 49
Adelaide Saudi Arabia Riyadh 37
Brisbane Saudi Arabia Riyadh 38
Fremantle Saudi Arabia Riyadh 35
Melbourne Saudi Arabia Riyadh 42
Sydney Saudi Arabia Riyadh 45
Brisbane Senegal Dakar 67
Fremantle Senegal Dakar 60
Melbourne Senegal Dakar 67
Sydney Senegal Dakar 64
Adelaide Seychelles Mahe 46
Brisbane Seychelles Mahe 47
Fremantle Seychelles Mahe 42
Melbourne Seychelles Mahe 51
Sydney Seychelles Mahe 54
Brisbane Sierra Leone Freetown 63
Fremantle Sierra Leone Freetown 60
Melbourne Sierra Leone Freetown 63
Sydney Sierra Leone Freetown 60
Adelaide Singapore Singapore 11
Brisbane Singapore Singapore 12
Fremantle Singapore Singapore 7
Melbourne Singapore Singapore 16
Sydney Singapore Singapore 24
Adelaide Slovakia Bratislava 46
Brisbane Slovakia Bratislava 47
Fremantle Slovakia Bratislava 45
Melbourne Slovakia Bratislava 51
Sydney Slovakia Bratislava 54
Adelaide Slovenia Koper 47
Brisbane Slovenia Koper 48
Fremantle Slovenia Koper 43
Melbourne Slovenia Koper 52
Sydney Slovenia Koper 55
Adelaide Slovenia Ljubljana 45
Brisbane Slovenia Ljubljana 46
Fremantle Slovenia Ljubljana 41
Melbourne Slovenia Ljubljana 50
Sydney Slovenia Ljubljana 53
Adelaide Solomon Islands Honiara 28
Brisbane Solomon Islands Honiara 23
Fremantle Solomon Islands Honiara 40
Melbourne Solomon Islands Honiara 23
Sydney Solomon Islands Honiara 23
Adelaide South Africa Capetown 39
Brisbane South Africa Capetown 40
Fremantle South Africa Capetown 35
Melbourne South Africa Capetown 41
Sydney South Africa Capetown 42
Adelaide South Africa Durban 34
Brisbane South Africa Durban 35
Fremantle South Africa Durban 30
Melbourne South Africa Durban 42
Sydney South Africa Durban 42
Adelaide South Africa East London 34
Brisbane South Africa East London 42
Melbourne South Africa East London 41
Sydney South Africa East London 45
Adelaide South Africa Johannesburg 39
Brisbane South Africa Johannesburg 40
Fremantle South Africa Johannesburg 33
Melbourne South Africa Johannesburg 41
Sydney South Africa Johannesburg 45
Adelaide South Africa Port Elizabeth 40
Brisbane South Africa Port Elizabeth 41
Fremantle South Africa Port Elizabeth 32
Melbourne South Africa Port Elizabeth 40
Sydney South Africa Port Elizabeth 44
Adelaide Spain Barcelona 37
Brisbane Spain Barcelona 38
Fremantle Spain Barcelona 33
Melbourne Spain Barcelona 42
Sydney Spain Barcelona 44
Adelaide Spain Bilbao 44
Brisbane Spain Bilbao 45
Fremantle Spain Bilbao 40
Melbourne Spain Bilbao 49
Sydney Spain Bilbao 52
Adelaide Spain Madrid 46
Brisbane Spain Madrid 47
Fremantle Spain Madrid 42
Melbourne Spain Madrid 51
Sydney Spain Madrid 54
Adelaide Spain Malaga 46
Brisbane Spain Malaga 47
Fremantle Spain Malaga 42
Melbourne Spain Malaga 51
Sydney Spain Malaga 54
Adelaide Spain Valencia 35
Brisbane Spain Valencia 36
Fremantle Spain Valencia 31
Melbourne Spain Valencia 51
Sydney Spain Valencia 53
Adelaide Sri Lanka Colombo 26
Brisbane Sri Lanka Colombo 27
Fremantle Sri Lanka Colombo 19
Melbourne Sri Lanka Colombo 24
Sydney Sri Lanka Colombo 29
Adelaide St. Kitts Basseterre 96
Brisbane St. Kitts Basseterre 106
Fremantle St. Kitts Basseterre 103
Melbourne St. Kitts Basseterre 106
Sydney St. Kitts Basseterre 103
Adelaide St. Lucia Castries 109
Brisbane St. Lucia Castries 106
Fremantle St. Lucia Castries 103
Melbourne St. Lucia Castries 106
Sydney St. Lucia Castries 103
Adelaide St. Maarten Philipsburg 86
Brisbane St. Maarten Philipsburg 83
Fremantle St. Maarten Philipsburg 80
Melbourne St. Maarten Philipsburg 83
Sydney St. Maarten Philipsburg 80
Adelaide St. Vincent Kingstown 84
Brisbane St. Vincent Kingstown 106
Fremantle St. Vincent Kingstown 103
Melbourne St. Vincent Kingstown 106
Sydney St. Vincent Kingstown 103
Adelaide Suriname Paramaribo 104
Brisbane Suriname Paramaribo 102
Fremantle Suriname Paramaribo 99
Melbourne Suriname Paramaribo 102
Sydney Suriname Paramaribo 99
Adelaide Sweden Gothenburg 46
Brisbane Sweden Gothenburg 47
Fremantle Sweden Gothenburg 39
Melbourne Sweden Gothenburg 51
Sydney Sweden Gothenburg 54
Adelaide Sweden Stockholm 45
Brisbane Sweden Stockholm 46
Fremantle Sweden Stockholm 41
Melbourne Sweden Stockholm 50
Sydney Sweden Stockholm 53
Adelaide Switzerland Basel 47
Brisbane Switzerland Basel 43
Fremantle Switzerland Basel 39
Melbourne Switzerland Basel 55
Sydney Switzerland Basel 52
Adelaide Switzerland Bern 59
Brisbane Switzerland Bern 56
Fremantle Switzerland Bern 40
Melbourne Switzerland Bern 56
Sydney Switzerland Bern 53
Adelaide Switzerland Geneva 48
Brisbane Switzerland Geneva 57
Fremantle Switzerland Geneva 42
Melbourne Switzerland Geneva 57
Sydney Switzerland Geneva 54
Adelaide Switzerland Zurich 48
Brisbane Switzerland Zurich 43
Fremantle Switzerland Zurich 39
Melbourne Switzerland Zurich 55
Sydney Switzerland Zurich 52
Adelaide Tahiti Papeete 21
Brisbane Tahiti Papeete 17
Fremantle Tahiti Papeete 37
Melbourne Tahiti Papeete 12
Sydney Tahiti Papeete 9
Adelaide Taiwan Kaohsiung 25
Brisbane Taiwan Kaohsiung 20
Fremantle Taiwan Kaohsiung 21
Melbourne Taiwan Kaohsiung 24
Sydney Taiwan Kaohsiung 16
Adelaide Taiwan Keelung 25
Brisbane Taiwan Keelung 19
Fremantle Taiwan Keelung 19
Melbourne Taiwan Keelung 26
Sydney Taiwan Keelung 19
Adelaide Taiwan Taichung 30
Brisbane Taiwan Taichung 31
Fremantle Taiwan Taichung 25
Melbourne Taiwan Taichung 35
Sydney Taiwan Taichung 38
Adelaide Tanzania Dar Es Salaam 43
Brisbane Tanzania Dar Es Salaam 44
Fremantle Tanzania Dar Es Salaam 39
Melbourne Tanzania Dar Es Salaam 48
Sydney Tanzania Dar Es Salaam 51
Adelaide Thailand Bangkok 24
Brisbane Thailand Bangkok 25
Fremantle Thailand Bangkok 18
Melbourne Thailand Bangkok 22
Sydney Thailand Bangkok 20
Adelaide Thailand Laem Chabang 25
Brisbane Thailand Laem Chabang 26
Fremantle Thailand Laem Chabang 18
Melbourne Thailand Laem Chabang 23
Sydney Thailand Laem Chabang 28
Adelaide Thailand Lat Krabang 26
Brisbane Thailand Lat Krabang 27
Fremantle Thailand Lat Krabang 22
Melbourne Thailand Lat Krabang 31
Sydney Thailand Lat Krabang 34
Adelaide Togo Lome 57
Brisbane Togo Lome 58
Fremantle Togo Lome 63
Melbourne Togo Lome 58
Sydney Togo Lome 55
Adelaide Tonga Nukualofa 28
Brisbane Tonga Nukualofa 23
Fremantle Tonga Nukualofa 35
Melbourne Tonga Nukualofa 23
Sydney Tonga Nukualofa 23
Adelaide Trinidad Point Lisas 56
Brisbane Trinidad Point Lisas 64
Fremantle Trinidad Point Lisas 72
Melbourne Trinidad Point Lisas 66
Sydney Trinidad Point Lisas 72
Adelaide Trinidad Port of Spain 82
Brisbane Trinidad Port of Spain 72
Fremantle Trinidad Port of Spain 72
Melbourne Trinidad Port of Spain 79
Sydney Trinidad Port of Spain 76
Adelaide Tunisia Sfax 51
Brisbane Tunisia Sfax 52
Fremantle Tunisia Sfax 61
Melbourne Tunisia Sfax 71
Sydney Tunisia Sfax 68
Adelaide Tunisia Sousse 74
Brisbane Tunisia Sousse 52
Fremantle Tunisia Sousse 61
Melbourne Tunisia Sousse 71
Sydney Tunisia Sousse 68
Adelaide Tunisia Tunis 51
Brisbane Tunisia Tunis 57
Fremantle Tunisia Tunis 55
Melbourne Tunisia Tunis 61
Sydney Tunisia Tunis 63
Adelaide Turkey Ankara 46
Brisbane Turkey Ankara 47
Fremantle Turkey Ankara 42
Melbourne Turkey Ankara 51
Sydney Turkey Ankara 54
Adelaide Turkey Istanbul 36
Brisbane Turkey Istanbul 37
Fremantle Turkey Istanbul 32
Melbourne Turkey Istanbul 41
Sydney Turkey Istanbul 44
Adelaide UAE Abu Dhabi 28
Brisbane UAE Abu Dhabi 29
Fremantle UAE Abu Dhabi 28
Melbourne UAE Abu Dhabi 33
Sydney UAE Abu Dhabi 36
Adelaide UAE Jebel Ali 30
Brisbane UAE Jebel Ali 31
Fremantle UAE Jebel Ali 26
Melbourne UAE Jebel Ali 35
Sydney UAE Jebel Ali 27
Adelaide UAE Sharjah 45
Brisbane UAE Sharjah 46
Fremantle UAE Sharjah 41
Melbourne UAE Sharjah 50
Sydney UAE Sharjah 53
Adelaide Uganda Kampala 120
Brisbane Uganda Kampala 120
Fremantle Uganda Kampala 117
Melbourne Uganda Kampala 120
Sydney Uganda Kampala 117
Adelaide UK Felixstowe 42
Brisbane UK Felixstowe 43
Fremantle UK Felixstowe 35
Melbourne UK Felixstowe 47
Sydney UK Felixstowe 50
Adelaide UK Southampton 39
Brisbane UK Southampton 40
Fremantle UK Southampton 35
Melbourne UK Southampton 44
Sydney UK Southampton 47
Brisbane UK Tilbury 47
Melbourne UK Tilbury 47
Sydney UK Tilbury 46
Adelaide Uruguay Montevideo 64
Brisbane Uruguay Montevideo 48
Fremantle Uruguay Montevideo 49
Melbourne Uruguay Montevideo 52
Sydney Uruguay Montevideo 54
Adelaide USA Alberquerque 39
Brisbane USA Alberquerque 41
Fremantle USA Alberquerque 42
Melbourne USA Alberquerque 35
Sydney USA Alberquerque 34
Adelaide USA Atlanta 45
Adelaide USA Atlanta 49
Brisbane USA Atlanta 47
Brisbane USA Atlanta 44
Fremantle USA Atlanta 44
Melbourne USA Atlanta 41
Melbourne USA Atlanta 44
Sydney USA Atlanta 40
Sydney USA Atlanta 44
Adelaide USA Austin 44
Brisbane USA Austin 46
Fremantle USA Austin 44
Melbourne USA Austin 40
Sydney USA Austin 39
Adelaide USA Baltimore 45
Adelaide USA Baltimore 46
Brisbane USA Baltimore 47
Brisbane USA Baltimore 41
Fremantle USA Baltimore 45
Melbourne USA Baltimore 41
Melbourne USA Baltimore 41
Sydney USA Baltimore 40
Sydney USA Baltimore 41
Adelaide USA Birmingham 47
Adelaide USA Birmingham 49
Brisbane USA Birmingham 49
Brisbane USA Birmingham 44
Fremantle USA Birmingham 48
Melbourne USA Birmingham 43
Melbourne USA Birmingham 44
Sydney USA Birmingham 42
Sydney USA Birmingham 44
Adelaide USA Boston 45
Adelaide USA Boston 47
Brisbane USA Boston 47
Brisbane USA Boston 42
Fremantle USA Boston 46
Melbourne USA Boston 41
Melbourne USA Boston 42
Sydney USA Boston 40
Sydney USA Boston 42
Adelaide USA Brownsville 40
Brisbane USA Brownsville 42
Fremantle USA Brownsville 44
Melbourne USA Brownsville 36
Sydney USA Brownsville 35
Adelaide USA Buffalo 47
Adelaide USA Buffalo 47
Brisbane USA Buffalo 49
Brisbane USA Buffalo 42
Fremantle USA Buffalo 46
Melbourne USA Buffalo 43
Melbourne USA Buffalo 42
Sydney USA Buffalo 42
Sydney USA Buffalo 42
Adelaide USA Charleston 46
Adelaide USA Charleston 49
Brisbane USA Charleston 48
Brisbane USA Charleston 44
Fremantle USA Charleston 46
Melbourne USA Charleston 42
Melbourne USA Charleston 44
Sydney USA Charleston 41
Sydney USA Charleston 44
Adelaide USA Charlotte 46
Adelaide USA Charlotte 49
Brisbane USA Charlotte 48
Brisbane USA Charlotte 44
Fremantle USA Charlotte 46
Melbourne USA Charlotte 42
Melbourne USA Charlotte 44
Sydney USA Charlotte 41
Sydney USA Charlotte 44
Adelaide USA Chattanooga 47
Adelaide USA Chattanooga 49
Brisbane USA Chattanooga 49
Brisbane USA Chattanooga 44
Fremantle USA Chattanooga 47
Melbourne USA Chattanooga 43
Melbourne USA Chattanooga 44
Sydney USA Chattanooga 42
Sydney USA Chattanooga 44
Adelaide USA Chicago 41
Adelaide USA Chicago 49
Brisbane USA Chicago 43
Brisbane USA Chicago 44
Fremantle USA Chicago 38
Melbourne USA Chicago 37
Melbourne USA Chicago 44
Sydney USA Chicago 36
Sydney USA Chicago 44
Adelaide USA Cincinatti 48
Brisbane USA Cincinatti 43
Melbourne USA Cincinatti 43
Sydney USA Cincinatti 43
Adelaide USA Cincinnati 44
Brisbane USA Cincinnati 46
Fremantle USA Cincinnati 44
Melbourne USA Cincinnati 40
Sydney USA Cincinnati 39
Adelaide USA Cleveland 44
Adelaide USA Cleveland 47
Brisbane USA Cleveland 46
Brisbane USA Cleveland 42
Fremantle USA Cleveland 44
Melbourne USA Cleveland 40
Melbourne USA Cleveland 42
Sydney USA Cleveland 39
Sydney USA Cleveland 42
Adelaide USA Columbus 44
Adelaide USA Columbus 47
Brisbane USA Columbus 46
Brisbane USA Columbus 42
Fremantle USA Columbus 44
Melbourne USA Columbus 40
Melbourne USA Columbus 42
Sydney USA Columbus 39
Sydney USA Columbus 42
Adelaide USA Dallas 42
Adelaide USA Dallas 52
Brisbane USA Dallas 44
Brisbane USA Dallas 47
Fremantle USA Dallas 42
Melbourne USA Dallas 38
Melbourne USA Dallas 47
Sydney USA Dallas 37
Sydney USA Dallas 47
Adelaide USA Dayton 45
Adelaide USA Dayton 49
Brisbane USA Dayton 47
Brisbane USA Dayton 44
Fremantle USA Dayton 44
Melbourne USA Dayton 41
Melbourne USA Dayton 44
Sydney USA Dayton 40
Sydney USA Dayton 44
Adelaide USA Denver 39
Adelaide USA Denver 49
Brisbane USA Denver 41
Brisbane USA Denver 44
Fremantle USA Denver 46
Melbourne USA Denver 35
Melbourne USA Denver 44
Sydney USA Denver 34
Sydney USA Denver 44
Adelaide USA Des Moines 46
Brisbane USA Des Moines 48
Fremantle USA Des Moines 46
Melbourne USA Des Moines 42
Sydney USA Des Moines 41
Adelaide USA Detroit 52
Brisbane USA Detroit 47
Melbourne USA Detroit 47
Sydney USA Detroit 47
Adelaide USA Detroit 44
Brisbane USA Detroit 46
Fremantle USA Detroit 44
Melbourne USA Detroit 40
Sydney USA Detroit 39
Adelaide USA El Paso 39
Brisbane USA El Paso 41
Fremantle USA El Paso 45
Melbourne USA El Paso 35
Sydney USA El Paso 34
Adelaide USA Grand Rapids 48
Brisbane USA Grand Rapids 50
Fremantle USA Grand Rapids 44
Melbourne USA Grand Rapids 44
Sydney USA Grand Rapids 43
Adelaide USA Greensboro 48
Adelaide USA Greensboro 49
Brisbane USA Greensboro 50
Brisbane USA Greensboro 44
Fremantle USA Greensboro 51
Melbourne USA Greensboro 44
Melbourne USA Greensboro 44
Sydney USA Greensboro 43
Sydney USA Greensboro 44
Adelaide USA Greenville 48
Adelaide USA Greenville 51
Brisbane USA Greenville 50
Brisbane USA Greenville 46
Fremantle USA Greenville 52
Melbourne USA Greenville 44
Melbourne USA Greenville 46
Sydney USA Greenville 43
Sydney USA Greenville 46
Adelaide USA Hidalgo 40
Brisbane USA Hidalgo 42
Fremantle USA Hidalgo 44
Melbourne USA Hidalgo 36
Sydney USA Hidalgo 35
Adelaide USA Honolulu 40
Brisbane USA Honolulu 39
Fremantle USA Honolulu 40
Melbourne USA Honolulu 43
Sydney USA Honolulu 40
Adelaide USA Houston 42
Adelaide USA Houston 49
Brisbane USA Houston 44
Brisbane USA Houston 44
Fremantle USA Houston 44
Melbourne USA Houston 38
Melbourne USA Houston 44
Sydney USA Houston 37
Sydney USA Houston 44
Adelaide USA Huntsville 47
Adelaide USA Huntsville 49
Brisbane USA Huntsville 49
Brisbane USA Huntsville 44
Fremantle USA Huntsville 49
Melbourne USA Huntsville 43
Melbourne USA Huntsville 44
Sydney USA Huntsville 42
Sydney USA Huntsville 44
Adelaide USA Indianapolis 44
Adelaide USA Indianapolis 49
Brisbane USA Indianapolis 46
Brisbane USA Indianapolis 44
Fremantle USA Indianapolis 44
Melbourne USA Indianapolis 40
Melbourne USA Indianapolis 44
Sydney USA Indianapolis 39
Sydney USA Indianapolis 44
Adelaide USA Jacksonville 47
Adelaide USA Jacksonville 52
Brisbane USA Jacksonville 49
Brisbane USA Jacksonville 47
Fremantle USA Jacksonville 50
Melbourne USA Jacksonville 43
Melbourne USA Jacksonville 47
Sydney USA Jacksonville 42
Sydney USA Jacksonville 47
Adelaide USA Kansas City 44
Adelaide USA Kansas City 49
Brisbane USA Kansas City 46
Brisbane USA Kansas City 44
Fremantle USA Kansas City 44
Melbourne USA Kansas City 40
Melbourne USA Kansas City 44
Sydney USA Kansas City 39
Sydney USA Kansas City 44
Adelaide USA Knoxville 48
Adelaide USA Knoxville 52
Brisbane USA Knoxville 50
Brisbane USA Knoxville 47
Fremantle USA Knoxville 50
Melbourne USA Knoxville 44
Melbourne USA Knoxville 47
Sydney USA Knoxville 43
Sydney USA Knoxville 47
Adelaide USA Laredo 39
Adelaide USA Laredo 52
Brisbane USA Laredo 41
Brisbane USA Laredo 47
Fremantle USA Laredo 44
Melbourne USA Laredo 35
Melbourne USA Laredo 47
Sydney USA Laredo 34
Sydney USA Laredo 47
Adelaide USA Las Vegas 38
Adelaide USA Las Vegas 51
Brisbane USA Las Vegas 40
Brisbane USA Las Vegas 46
Fremantle USA Las Vegas 46
Melbourne USA Las Vegas 34
Melbourne USA Las Vegas 46
Sydney USA Las Vegas 33
Sydney USA Las Vegas 46
Adelaide USA Little Rock 47
Adelaide USA Little Rock 49
Brisbane USA Little Rock 49
Brisbane USA Little Rock 44
Fremantle USA Little Rock 46
Melbourne USA Little Rock 43
Melbourne USA Little Rock 44
Sydney USA Little Rock 42
Sydney USA Little Rock 44
Adelaide USA Los Angeles 31
Adelaide USA Los Angeles 52
Brisbane USA Los Angeles 32
Brisbane USA Los Angeles 47
Fremantle USA Los Angeles 34
Melbourne USA Los Angeles 28
Melbourne USA Los Angeles 47
Sydney USA Los Angeles 25
Sydney USA Los Angeles 47
Adelaide USA Louisville 46
Adelaide USA Louisville 49
Brisbane USA Louisville 48
Brisbane USA Louisville 44
Fremantle USA Louisville 45
Melbourne USA Louisville 42
Melbourne USA Louisville 44
Sydney USA Louisville 41
Sydney USA Louisville 44
Adelaide USA Memphis 46
Adelaide USA Memphis 49
Brisbane USA Memphis 48
Brisbane USA Memphis 44
Fremantle USA Memphis 51
Melbourne USA Memphis 42
Melbourne USA Memphis 44
Sydney USA Memphis 41
Sydney USA Memphis 44
Adelaide USA Miami 47
Adelaide USA Miami 49
Brisbane USA Miami 49
Brisbane USA Miami 44
Fremantle USA Miami 51
Melbourne USA Miami 43
Melbourne USA Miami 44
Sydney USA Miami 42
Sydney USA Miami 44
Adelaide USA Milwaukee 44
Adelaide USA Milwaukee 48
Brisbane USA Milwaukee 46
Brisbane USA Milwaukee 43
Fremantle USA Milwaukee 44
Melbourne USA Milwaukee 40
Melbourne USA Milwaukee 43
Sydney USA Milwaukee 39
Sydney USA Milwaukee 43
Adelaide USA Minneapolis 49
Adelaide USA Minneapolis 45
Brisbane USA Minneapolis 44
Brisbane USA Minneapolis 47
Fremantle USA Minneapolis 44
Melbourne USA Minneapolis 44
Melbourne USA Minneapolis 41
Sydney USA Minneapolis 44
Sydney USA Minneapolis 40
Adelaide USA Mobile 45
Adelaide USA Mobile 49
Brisbane USA Mobile 47
Brisbane USA Mobile 44
Fremantle USA Mobile 49
Melbourne USA Mobile 41
Melbourne USA Mobile 44
Sydney USA Mobile 40
Sydney USA Mobile 44
Adelaide USA Nashville 45
Adelaide USA Nashville 49
Brisbane USA Nashville 47
Brisbane USA Nashville 44
Fremantle USA Nashville 46
Melbourne USA Nashville 41
Melbourne USA Nashville 44
Sydney USA Nashville 40
Sydney USA Nashville 44
Adelaide USA New Orleans 45
Adelaide USA New Orleans 49
Brisbane USA New Orleans 47
Brisbane USA New Orleans 44
Fremantle USA New Orleans 46
Melbourne USA New Orleans 41
Melbourne USA New Orleans 44
Sydney USA New Orleans 40
Sydney USA New Orleans 44
Adelaide USA New York 43
Adelaide USA New York 37
Brisbane USA New York 45
Brisbane USA New York 32
Fremantle USA New York 43
Melbourne USA New York 39
Melbourne USA New York 32
Sydney USA New York 38
Sydney USA New York 32
Adelaide USA Nogales 39
Brisbane USA Nogales 41
Fremantle USA Nogales 51
Melbourne USA Nogales 35
Sydney USA Nogales 34
Adelaide USA Norfolk 47
Adelaide USA Norfolk 49
Brisbane USA Norfolk 49
Brisbane USA Norfolk 44
Fremantle USA Norfolk 51
Melbourne USA Norfolk 43
Melbourne USA Norfolk 44
Sydney USA Norfolk 42
Sydney USA Norfolk 44
Adelaide USA Oklahoma City 42
Adelaide USA Oklahoma City 49
Brisbane USA Oklahoma City 44
Brisbane USA Oklahoma City 44
Fremantle USA Oklahoma City 49
Melbourne USA Oklahoma City 38
Melbourne USA Oklahoma City 44
Sydney USA Oklahoma City 37
Sydney USA Oklahoma City 44
Adelaide USA Omaha 47
Brisbane USA Omaha 49
Fremantle USA Omaha 49
Melbourne USA Omaha 43
Sydney USA Omaha 42
Adelaide USA Orlando 47
Adelaide USA Orlando 49
Brisbane USA Orlando 49
Brisbane USA Orlando 44
Fremantle USA Orlando 54
Melbourne USA Orlando 43
Melbourne USA Orlando 44
Sydney USA Orlando 42
Sydney USA Orlando 44
Adelaide USA Philadelphia 45
Adelaide USA Philadelphia 47
Brisbane USA Philadelphia 47
Brisbane USA Philadelphia 42
Fremantle USA Philadelphia 49
Melbourne USA Philadelphia 41
Melbourne USA Philadelphia 42
Sydney USA Philadelphia 40
Sydney USA Philadelphia 42
Adelaide USA Phoenix 39
Adelaide USA Phoenix 52
Brisbane USA Phoenix 41
Brisbane USA Phoenix 47
Fremantle USA Phoenix 44
Melbourne USA Phoenix 35
Melbourne USA Phoenix 47
Sydney USA Phoenix 34
Sydney USA Phoenix 47
Adelaide USA Pittsburg 47
Adelaide USA Pittsburg 47
Brisbane USA Pittsburg 49
Brisbane USA Pittsburg 42
Fremantle USA Pittsburg 49
Melbourne USA Pittsburg 43
Melbourne USA Pittsburg 42
Sydney USA Pittsburg 42
Sydney USA Pittsburg 42
Adelaide USA Portland 39
Adelaide USA Portland 52
Brisbane USA Portland 41
Brisbane USA Portland 47
Fremantle USA Portland 39
Melbourne USA Portland 35
Melbourne USA Portland 47
Sydney USA Portland 34
Sydney USA Portland 47
Adelaide USA Raleigh 49
Adelaide USA Raleigh 48
Brisbane USA Raleigh 51
Brisbane USA Raleigh 43
Fremantle USA Raleigh 46
Melbourne USA Raleigh 45
Melbourne USA Raleigh 43
Sydney USA Raleigh 44
Sydney USA Raleigh 43
Adelaide USA Richmond 47
Adelaide USA Richmond 47
Brisbane USA Richmond 49
Brisbane USA Richmond 42
Fremantle USA Richmond 51
Melbourne USA Richmond 43
Melbourne USA Richmond 42
Sydney USA Richmond 42
Sydney USA Richmond 42
Adelaide USA Rochester 47
Brisbane USA Rochester 42
Melbourne USA Rochester 42
Sydney USA Rochester 42
Adelaide USA Salt Lake City 39
Adelaide USA Salt Lake City 52
Brisbane USA Salt Lake City 41
Brisbane USA Salt Lake City 47
Fremantle USA Salt Lake City 43
Melbourne USA Salt Lake City 35
Melbourne USA Salt Lake City 47
Sydney USA Salt Lake City 34
Sydney USA Salt Lake City 47
Adelaide USA San Antonio – US 45
Adelaide USA San Antonio – US 50
Brisbane USA San Antonio – US 47
Brisbane USA San Antonio – US 45
Fremantle USA San Antonio – US 43
Melbourne USA San Antonio – US 41
Melbourne USA San Antonio – US 45
Sydney USA San Antonio – US 40
Sydney USA San Antonio – US 45
Adelaide USA San Diego 38
Adelaide USA San Diego 52
Brisbane USA San Diego 40
Brisbane USA San Diego 47
Fremantle USA San Diego 41
Melbourne USA San Diego 34
Melbourne USA San Diego 47
Sydney USA San Diego 33
Sydney USA San Diego 47
Adelaide USA San Francisco 36
Adelaide USA San Francisco 52
Brisbane USA San Francisco 38
Brisbane USA San Francisco 47
Fremantle USA San Francisco 36
Melbourne USA San Francisco 32
Melbourne USA San Francisco 47
Sydney USA San Francisco 31
Sydney USA San Francisco 47
Adelaide USA Savannah 47
Adelaide USA Savannah 49
Brisbane USA Savannah 49
Brisbane USA Savannah 44
Fremantle USA Savannah 55
Melbourne USA Savannah 43
Melbourne USA Savannah 44
Sydney USA Savannah 42
Sydney USA Savannah 44
Adelaide USA Seattle 39
Adelaide USA Seattle 52
Brisbane USA Seattle 41
Brisbane USA Seattle 47
Fremantle USA Seattle 35
Melbourne USA Seattle 35
Melbourne USA Seattle 47
Sydney USA Seattle 34
Sydney USA Seattle 47
Adelaide USA Shreveport 44
Brisbane USA Shreveport 46
Fremantle USA Shreveport 52
Melbourne USA Shreveport 40
Sydney USA Shreveport 39
Adelaide USA Springfield 47
Brisbane USA Springfield 49
Fremantle USA Springfield 53
Melbourne USA Springfield 43
Sydney USA Springfield 42
Adelaide USA St Louis 47
Brisbane USA St Louis 42
Melbourne USA St Louis 42
Sydney USA St Louis 42
Adelaide USA St Louis 44
Brisbane USA St Louis 46
Fremantle USA St Louis 46
Melbourne USA St Louis 40
Sydney USA St Louis 39
Adelaide USA Tampa 47
Adelaide USA Tampa 49
Brisbane USA Tampa 49
Brisbane USA Tampa 44
Fremantle USA Tampa 50
Melbourne USA Tampa 43
Melbourne USA Tampa 44
Sydney USA Tampa 42
Sydney USA Tampa 44
Adelaide USA Toledo 45
Adelaide USA Toledo 47
Brisbane USA Toledo 47
Brisbane USA Toledo 42
Fremantle USA Toledo 46
Melbourne USA Toledo 41
Melbourne USA Toledo 42
Sydney USA Toledo 40
Sydney USA Toledo 42
Adelaide USA Tucson 45
Brisbane USA Tucson 47
Fremantle USA Tucson 46
Melbourne USA Tucson 41
Sydney USA Tucson 40
Adelaide USA Tulsa 40
Brisbane USA Tulsa 42
Fremantle USA Tulsa 51
Melbourne USA Tulsa 36
Sydney USA Tulsa 35
Adelaide USA Washington,DC 47
Brisbane USA Washington,DC 42
Melbourne USA Washington,DC 42
Sydney USA Washington,DC 42
Adelaide USA Wichita 45
Brisbane USA Wichita 47
Fremantle USA Wichita 51
Melbourne USA Wichita 41
Sydney USA Wichita 40
Adelaide USA Wilmington 49
Adelaide USA Wilmington 48
Brisbane USA Wilmington 51
Brisbane USA Wilmington 43
Fremantle USA Wilmington 51
Melbourne USA Wilmington 45
Melbourne USA Wilmington 43
Sydney USA Wilmington 44
Sydney USA Wilmington 43
Adelaide Vanuatu Port Vila 13
Brisbane Vanuatu Port Vila 7
Fremantle Vanuatu Port Vila 25
Melbourne Vanuatu Port Vila 7
Sydney Vanuatu Port Vila 7
Adelaide Venezuela El Guamache 115
Brisbane Venezuela El Guamache 112
Fremantle Venezuela El Guamache 109
Melbourne Venezuela El Guamache 112
Sydney Venezuela El Guamache 109
Adelaide Venezuela La Guaira 66
Brisbane Venezuela La Guaira 82
Fremantle Venezuela La Guaira 65
Melbourne Venezuela La Guaira 89
Sydney Venezuela La Guaira 86
Adelaide Venezuela Puerto Cabello 92
Brisbane Venezuela Puerto Cabello 82
Fremantle Venezuela Puerto Cabello 65
Melbourne Venezuela Puerto Cabello 89
Sydney Venezuela Puerto Cabello 86
Adelaide Vietnam Haiphong 26
Brisbane Vietnam Haiphong 27
Fremantle Vietnam Haiphong 18
Melbourne Vietnam Haiphong 23
Sydney Vietnam Haiphong 28
Adelaide Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 24
Brisbane Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 25
Fremantle Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 17
Melbourne Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 24
Sydney Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 29
Adelaide Virgin Island St. Croix 82
Brisbane Virgin Island St. Croix 83
Fremantle Virgin Island St. Croix 80
Melbourne Virgin Island St. Croix 83
Sydney Virgin Island St. Croix 80
Adelaide Virgin Island St. Thomas 86
Brisbane Virgin Island St. Thomas 83
Fremantle Virgin Island St. Thomas 80
Melbourne Virgin Island St. Thomas 83
Sydney Virgin Island St. Thomas 80
Adelaide Western Samoa Apia 33
Brisbane Western Samoa Apia 28
Fremantle Western Samoa Apia 38
Melbourne Western Samoa Apia 28
Sydney Western Samoa Apia 28
Adelaide Yemen Aden 40
Brisbane Yemen Aden 41
Fremantle Yemen Aden 36
Melbourne Yemen Aden 45
Sydney Yemen Aden 48
Adelaide Yemen Hodeidah 38
Brisbane Yemen Hodeidah 39
Fremantle Yemen Hodeidah 34
Melbourne Yemen Hodeidah 43
Sydney Yemen Hodeidah 46
Adelaide Zambia Lusaka 100
Brisbane Zambia Lusaka 97
Fremantle Zambia Lusaka 94
Melbourne Zambia Lusaka 97
Sydney Zambia Lusaka 94
Adelaide Zimbabwe Bulawayo 96
Brisbane Zimbabwe Bulawayo 97
Fremantle Zimbabwe Bulawayo 94
Melbourne Zimbabwe Bulawayo 97
Sydney Zimbabwe Bulawayo 94
Brisbane Zimbabwe Harare 97
Fremantle Zimbabwe Harare 53
Melbourne Zimbabwe Harare 97
Sydney Zimbabwe Harare 94

CargoMaster door to door sea freight world-wide

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Sea and air freight services (and air freight services for urgent freight)

Construction industries

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Experts in international shipping of earthmoving equipment and heavy industrial machinery via international sea and air freight.

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Whether you are a private individual relocating overseas and seeking self-pack moving containers to ship your personal belongings or are in business and regularly use import and export 20′ and 40′ shipping containers, CargoMaster is the one to call. CargoMaster also offers LCL (less than a container load) sea freight services worldwide. Containers are packed daily, including sea freight consolidation options for Pacific Islands Freight.

CargoMaster delivers to our customers personalized international freight services and tailored freight solutions that will suit their individual sea freight requirements. From pallet loads to oversize and heavy sea cargo, CargoMaster will save you too! CargoMaster works with a proven and experienced team of international freight forwarders located all around the world. We offer import and export sea freight consolidation services that are ideal for smaller consignments like crates, pallets, and boxes.

Our import sea freight service is available to all Australian capital cities. CargoMaster provides self-packaging moving containers for the overseas export of personal effects. Our reliable and economical sea freight solutions include consolidated consignments for Less than a Container Load (LCL) shipment through to international sea freight services for Full Container Load (FCL) shipments.

Thank-you for contacting us, it’s great that you have selected our contact us page, we appreciate the opportunity, if your shipment relates to air freight or less than a container load sea freight, please include the weight and dimensions of each piece in your request. We look forward to working with you, please feel free to call at any time.

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