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“Welcome to our site  for sea freight Launceston. CargoMaster boasts over 30 years transportation experience. moving all types of sea cargo from Launceston world-wide and from all corners of the world to Launceston. With CargoMaster as your sea freight partner, your backed with an extensive and ESTABLISHED international network of  technologically advanced sea freight specialists. CargoMaster KNOW-HOW comes with over 30 years transportation experience, many years experience indeed, a Sea Freight Company with vast experience and know- how.”

“Why you should call CargoMaster for your International Sea Freight”

  • CargoMaster offers you genuine (real ) sea freight specialists, Professionals, based all around the world and dedicated to moving your sea cargo smoothly, quickly and cost effectively! KNOWLEDGE and KNOW-HOW.
  • CargoMaster understands the dynamic world of shipping and sea freight. CargoMaster offers you extensive experience with international documentation including, Seaway Bill, Bills Of Lading, Carnets, Letters Of Credit (and most types of titles to ownership). Maritime rules, regulations, laws, embassy certified documentation for middle eastern clients, and overseas country requirements. EXTENSIVE EXPERIENCE WITH INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTATION
  • CargoMaster is renowned for delivering innovate, cost effective sea freight services
  • All CargoMaster personnel ( including the Directors) are POLICE SECURITY CLEARED .
  • For large project sea freight , bulk sea freight movements, valuable heavy sea cargo, established relationships with Australian and overseas based insurance companies. (ensuring your covered and protected)
  • Weekly sea cargo services to most World-Wide cities with the fastest transit times
  • Sea Freight Services available  from and to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Hobart and Darwin, Cairns, Townsville and Mackay
  • Services from and to Launceston.

 “CargoMaster Know How comes with over 30 years transportation experience”





“CargoMaster moving sea freight with security, integrity and professionalism”


“How long does sea freight take”

“Sea freight transit times vary according to the origin and destination of the sea freight. Another factor to consider when shipping sea freight is the route the vessel is taking ,some routes are quicker to certain destinations than others. Sea freight transit times will be quicker if your goods are shipped in a vessel with a direct service. If your shipment is to be transhipped than the transit time will be longer compared to a direct sea freight service”  

“Why are freight rates from China so high”

“Strange question, we believe sea freight rates from China are very competitive. Please note CargoMaster does not handle sea freight from China”

“Why is freight cost increasing”

“Freight costs (like most things in our world TODAY) rise over time. An increase in the cost of freight may be due to a number of factors including, an increase in fuel prices, or larger than normal sea freight volumes, or the value of the US$ against other global currencies” 

“What is sea freight”

“Sea freight is a description given to goods that are transported around the world (or a country) in ocean going cargo vessels. Sea freight is the oldest form of global transportation. Sea freight is normally utilised when commodities are not that urgent that air freight is needed. Generally sea freight cargo is larger than air freight” 

“Why use Sea Freight”

“If you want to trade on the global stage and need to move large cargo sea that isn’t urgent enough to require a more expensive air freight service then sea freight is your best option. Sea freight is normally heavier or larger than air freight” 

“How does sea freight work”

“There are many different types of sea freight services. Shipping containers are the most popular and come in various sizes, 20 and 40 ft shipping containers are most common. Empty shipping containers are normally delivered to the shipper for packing, or the shipper can pack in CargoMasters packing yard. Once the sea freight container is packed it is collected and loaded onto a vessel for transportation overseas? 

“Is sea freight cheaper than air freight”

“Sea freight is actually cheaper than air freight. Keeping in mind sea freight will take longer than air freight and may require more handling than air freight too. Air freight is great for time sensitive goods or fragile or valuable cargo. Call CargoMaster for sea freight quotes” 

“How much does sea freight cost”

“The cost of sea freight will depend upon several factors like, the origin and destination of the freight and the size, weight and dimensions of the goods. Another factor will be the type of freight you intend to ship and the method used to ship the cargo” 

“Why is sea freight so expensive”

“There are many reasons for sea freight rates to increase it could be that volumes are extremely high or that the price of fuel has risen or maybe the value of the US$ has fallen. All of these factors will influence the cost of sea freight”

“how long does it take to ship a container to the UK”

“Transit time from Australia to the UK is approx 30 days depending on the shipping company you use. CargoMaster offers weekly services from all Australian capital cities to most major UK ports, including Tilbury, Southampton and Felixstow”

“What is the approx transit time when shipping from Australia to the USA”

“With a CargoMaster selected vessel your transit time could be as quick as 30 days depending on the destination port in the USA”

“Why should I use CargoMaster for my sea freight from Australia”

“When you work with CargoMaster you get CargoMaster KNOW-HOW, which comes with over 30 years transportation experience. Genuine transportation professionals with the KNOW-HOW needed to move your belongings safely, quickly and smoothly . Don’t get caught out by so called “experts” offering low cost sea freight services making false claims see here . Remember its easy to set up a website on the internet and try to be like CargoMaster. “