Houthi Rebels Attack Again

17 Jan, 2024. Houthi rebels have once again targeted a ship in the Red Sea, this time focusing their attack on a Greek-owned bulk carrier. This incident adds to the escalating tensions in the region. • In a recent operation, the US military intercepted Iranian-supplied weapons that were en route to the Houthis. This interception underscores the international concern over the support provided to the rebel group. • In response to the attacks on shipping in the Red Sea, the US and UK have launched airstrikes against Houthi targets. These actions highlight the determination of both countries to protect vital maritime routes and maintain stability in the region. • While the Houthis claim to only target Israeli-owned or operated ships, it is concerning that many of the vessels attacked have no connections with Israel. This raises questions about the true motives and intentions behind these attacks. • Safety concerns have prompted Shell to suspend all sea freight shipments through the Red Sea indefinitely. This decision reflects the growing apprehension within the shipping industry regarding the security of this crucial trade route. • Recent reports reveal that the US has seized advanced Iranian weapons that were being transported to the Houthis via a sailboat near Somalia. This seizure further exposes the illicit arms smuggling networks that support the rebel group’s military capabilities. • Data analysis indicates that the Houthis have been using similar weapons in their attacks. This information sheds light on the arsenal at their disposal and raises concerns about the potential impact of their actions on regional stability.