What Is Sea Freight Shipping


At CargoMaster we often get asked to describe different types of shipping services available from and to Australia, other times its left up-to CargoMaster to recommend the best method to move international freight from A to B.

Sea Freight Shipping Services are available for almost all types of cargo big and small, from private individuals relocating overseas with self pack shipping containers to moving heavy mining and construction equipment into and out of Australia, in-fact without sea freight services world trade would practically come to a halt, we all need sea freight services for day to day living.


CargoMaster offers over 20 years experience moving sea freight from Australia world-wide and world-wide to Australia, CargoMaster has moved hundreds of happy families to all corners of the world with pack yourself moving containers  Clients call on CargoMaster to move heavy items like heavy construction machinery from and to Australia, sometimes due to the size of the cargo shipping containers are not suitable with sea freight shipping Australian importers and exporters are well looked after with weekly services to almost all the worlds continents, sometimes cargo moves break bulk or on what are called flat racks , cargo is blocked, braced and chained to flat racks which are then loaded onto a vessel for sea freight transport. Cargomaster organises and co ordinates the complete move from origin ,land transportation, sea freight and often from arrival port across country to the ultimate destination.

Sea Freight Services include bulk shipments too like the bulk ships into and out of Port Hedland and North Queensland, carrying mainly iron ore and coal. Sea Freight can include domestic cargo too from places like Adelaide to Port Hedland or Perth to Port Hedland and the East coast of Australia.

Sea freight container shipping is handled out of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville, Cairns, Mackay, Darwin, Adelaide, Burnie, Newcastle and Perth, so no matter where you are located in Australia a gateway sea freight port isnt to far away.

Sea freight to the Pacific Islands is another popular services handled by CargoMaster. Various  types of cargo is moved to the pacific islands, including personal effects in containers (for people relocating) ,  machinery, buses, tractors, cars, industrial equipment, mining equipment, sea freight services from the east coast of Australia to the pacific leave almost weekly so the service straightforward and reasonably quick.